Sunday, October 21, 2012


Well we didn't get frost last night so all the tender plants survived one more day !
Church was good this morning as the associate pastor gave a great message out of Luke .
The church was extr-ordinarily full today as well.
We grilled chicken breast for lunch and everyone made it today. #2 son had good news about his house, the renter has moved out and the closing might be moved up a few days.  He wanted to go out to the estate sale we always go to after we ate and he found a beautiful coffee table and a painting on old barn boards that will look great in his new house.
Hubbie and I didn't find much ,only a dog crate,some pruning shears,some old watches and a Christmas table cloth for my market table.
As #2 son payed for his purchases the clerk accidently gave him his $50 bill back with his change. When he called it to their attention and gave it back, they couldn't believe he was so honest,it made me feel very proud !!
We brought our purchases home and he left to go check to see if  they had locked his house back up. They had and he said everything was gone including the mailbox !! He couldn't get inside but hopefully they didn't damage anything, he and the realtor will go up and inspect the house one day this week. I can't wait to get pictures on here.
This evening I walked around and enjoyed the cool fall day. There is more color after the last few cooler nights and the reds are now starting to show up.
These are the golden oak trees in front of our house.
After chores I sat in the sunroom and watched the flames in my electric fireplace with my two 4-legged kids as we snuggled under a warm afghan and caught up on my magazine reading.
I like to take time on these relaxing quite days to remember past Octobers and all the activities.
In October 1992 ,#1 son was playing youth football and every Saturday we were somewhere at a game.

Football was a perfect fit for him and he enjoyed the game very much even at this young age.

They had a mini homecoming and here he is in his uniform under the arch hooking up with his cheerleader escort.
Either we didn't participate in any Halloween activities that year or I forgot my camera because I could find no photos !

The sun sets earlier each day and just as I came inside tonight I spotted this little "bright eyed"  guy watching me from a branch of the cottonwood tree in the back yard.
We are under a frost advisory again tonight,of course if they keep predicting it, it will come sooner or later.
But it looks like if we escape tonight I'll be putting my plants back outside for at least the rest of this week.
So far we have had an amazingly mild weathered fall. Have no idea what that means for the winter that's coming up but I do know that the wooly worms are predicting a lot of snow this year, they are almost all black !!

Grateful for a loving Lord who forgives and cares for each of His precious children everyday.
Good Night and God Bless.


Far Side of Fifty said...

My wooly worms are black too:(

linda m said...

Oh, oh, my wooly worms are all black also. Glad to hear that #2 son will be getting his house soon. Your Sunday sounds a lot like mine except I think I did more sitting and contemplating. God's blessings to you.