Monday, October 8, 2012


BRRRRRRR!!!!!  Not a fall feeling morning,but a winter feeling morning greeted us today. The temperature was 43 but with the damp mist it was a bone chilling cold out there.
Hubbie took g-son to school and stopped for a haircut while I did chores and had breakfast.
When he got home he went outside to work on putting up a fence in back of the barn so Flash won't be tempted to visit the neighbor who has a huge male German Shepherd.
I did an exercise tape and then went outside to walk. I used my new heart rate monitor and I am getting my heart rate up higher than I thought so that is good.
After my walk hubbie and I cut all the gourds that were growing on a gate at the barn.
We got  nice bunch for not even knowing they were there until the leaves fell off !!!
I'll take them to market Thursday to sell. Then we will dry any that doesn't sell for birdhouses.
We came inside and ate lunch to watch the news and weather and decide what to do this afternoon. There was no rain showing up around us but there was a light mist that was falling steadily.
We decided we would brave the cold mist and muddy soil and get our potatoes dug. I am glad we did because unfortunately  we had a bushel of our really nice ones that have been eaten or bit on by something, we guessed moles or field mice. We still got  all these buckets full plus a 1/2 bushel basket full of ones we stuck with our digging forks or other damaged ones that will need to be eaten first.
These are the biggest nicest potatoes we have had in several years. They must have liked all the rain we got this season.
I picked some of the cayenne peppers that are turning a bright red for drying. Only the pepper plants remain now in the garden from the summer crops. We have a nice stand of Kale already up and ready to start eating and just planted another patch for later.
I saw a few pears left on the trees but everything else is getting ready to rest through the winter months.
I put Hollytone around my holly trees and the magnolia tree in the yard. I have noticed the hollies are starting to loose a lot of their green leaves and some sections are turning yellow,hopefully the hollytone will bring them out of their funk. Usually when we have a lot of moisture whether it is rain or snow these trees start to turn yellow and loose their leaves.
We picked g-son up from school and made a reward stop at Dollar General store on the way home. He got all green colors for last week and for today so he got a small reward. And of course I found some towels for making towel angels.
Back at home after getting him mac and cheese and chocolate milk I broke some fresh green beans for supper. A market neighbor gave them to me Saturday. They were very good.
It is still feeling like winter tonight with temperatures not getting passed the mid 40's today and tonight which is more than 20 degrees below average.
My back is sore from all the digging today and the cold weather on my arthritis is causing some shooting pains between my shoulders so I'm looking forward to a hot bath soak and a warm bed maybe with a heating pad under my shoulders for a while, yea I think that sounds like a real good idea.
May God's will be done in all that I do everyday.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

That is a nice bunch of potatoes you dug up. My hubby loves potatoes and would eat them for every meal. Must be because he is Irish :) God's blessings to you.

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marilyn, Looks like you have a great group of potatoes--which will last you all through the long winter I'm sure...

Sounds like your grandson is doing GREAT... He obviously deserves a reward...

Cold here this week... We've had a fire in the fireplace all week... LOVE it.