Friday, October 5, 2012


Wow what a foggy morning !!!
I couldn't even see any mountains at my usual photo spot as the sun was rising over them in  the fog.
G-son was in a good mood this morning and not acting as tired on this Friday as he usually does.
Back home I did the chores and had a routine morning. As I walked I noticed the leaves starting to get some color around the farm.

I baked 12 caramel, 1 coconut, 2 chocolate,2 apple butter, 2 pound and 1 wine cake before lunch.
Daughter had a couple hours off at lunch time and went over to have lunch with g-son at his school where she used to work .
He was really surprised to see his aunt T !!!

I had the afternoon all to myself as other g-ma picked him up from school today. So I spent some time outside soaking up the warm sunshine as this maybe the last warm sunshine we have for a while according to the forecast.
Took a walk down in the lower pasture this evening just as the sun was going behind the trees.Our farm pond has had plenty of water in it all summer this year with all the rains.
I ran into Rebecca the renter as she walked her dogs and we had a nice visit while Sadie and her 2 dogs had a really good time playing and sniffing out all the scents along the creek bank.
The shadows grow long earlier and faster each day this time of year. As I walked back to the house I thought of how good the pastures look to  be full of cattle and horses again.
After icing all my cakes I got into bed about 11:00.
Thanking God for a beautiful fall day and the many blessings He gave me today. Saying a special prayer for daughter tonight, as early tomorrow morning she is driving a big van load of youth from our church into Polk county for a youth competition.
Good Night and God Bless.

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