Monday, October 22, 2012


After hubbie took g-son to school and we finished chores and breakfast, hubbie went to deliver a load of wood to an elderly neighbor while I exercised.
Just as he got home a man came to give us an estimate on replacing our old heat pump. It sure has been a good one lasting since mid 80's until now and still works. We are just wanting to get it replaced with a more efficient and quieter one as this one sounds like an airplane taking off when it runs.
While he did that I stayed on the phone taking care of some put off business duties and talking to AT&T about my intermittent internet service. After almost an hour they think they have the problem solved by running a high frequency line cleaner on it. So far so good !!
After everything settled down we had lunch and then tackled the sunroom window yearly cleaning project. Most people wash windows in the spring but I wash these in fall because I do a lot of setting out here in the cooler weather watching my feathered friends at the feeders.

It always surprises me at how much brighter the room looks after they are washed. I don't even notice how dirty they are until I start washing them.
This job took hubbie and I only about 2 hours while in past years it has taken me all day to do it alone. Thanks for the help hon ! He removed the screens and washed and dried them while I washed the windows and frames.  A job well done !!
We picked up g-son from school and stopped by Grand Dads apple house for some apples and a cabbage to make slaw for a benevolence dinner tomorrow.
G-son had to have his regular apple do-nuts. He loves these and ate 3 while we were there.
He loves to pose in the figures they have set up.
And he loves to get in the middle of the pumpkin patch.
Just as we were leaving some friends came in so we talked with them awhile. Phil is hubbie's brothers hunting buddie and he told us  hubbie's brother has been diagnosed with the shingles. We knew he was having headaches and earaches and a rash in his mouth and on his face after a root canal last week. But after going to the CVS pharmacy he was told he was having a reaction to the antibiotics he was on. Yesterday after running a fever he went to the emergency room and he has shingles.
Hubbie talked with him tonight and he said the pain in his ear was the worst but he had went to work today. He said he had an upper respiratory virus a couple weeks ago that depleted his immune system  and then the stress of the root canal caused the shingles virus to rear its ugly head.
After chores tonight I vacuumed Lady Bugs from the ceiling of our bedroom as they have started their invasion this year. We deal with them every year and the only way we have found to deal with them is the vacuum.
Today has been a summer like day ,sunny and 75 degrees. On this map you can see where all the warmer temperatures are.
The below normal temps out west get to our area later this weekend !
Daughter came by this evening to scavenge around for Halloween costumes,she got some hay and an old straw hat.  I bet a scarecrow is in the works for someone !
I have decided to stop selling Avon after an experience with them this morning. I have no idea why Avon has decided to send all phone calls out of the country to foreign speaking folks who know nothing about handling the people that are paying for their jobs and I asked to be called back by someone who could help me with the situation and never got that call. I surely am not making enough money to be stressed by Avon !!
So after about 18 years I'll be closing this chapter of my life very soon.
God has been so good to me throughout my life and am so grateful for His care and love each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

HI Marilyn, We have been in Ohio this past week with friends... Had a great time and did lots of hiking...

The Fall colors up there were FABULOUS--some of the best I've seen in awhile. We are finally getting some color here --so I think we are headed to the Smokies this week sometime.

Sorry about your Avon experience... SO typical!!!!

Love the Pumpkin Patch!!!


linda m said...

Love seeing pictures of your grandson - he is so cute. Sorry about your experience with Avon. My husband has the same problem at work. His place of business chose to have all their computer tech support outsourced to India. Imagine trying to get help with a computer problem form someone who barely speaks English - or if they do it is unintelligible. God's blessings to you.