Tuesday, October 30, 2012


As I took g-son to school a fine mist was falling in the 34 degree morning so we didn't (at least not yet) get the promised snow in our area.
However in the higher elevations they were not as fortunate or unfortunate, depending on how you like snow !!
Some areas had 9 inches this morning and it was still coming down, check these photos from the local TV station out.

 I was hoping my rose blossoms didn't look like this today.
I love this new Halloween yard decoration.
Any leaves that are left on the trees sure stand out against the white snow background.
We have a yard full of leaves to begin raking as soon as the weather breaks and we can comfortably get outside.
After chores I started laundry and house cleaning chores for today. Then I did a weight lifting video and some exercise all before lunch time. This new cleaning schedule is working out really good so far.
After lunch I started getting some things together for decorating the van and ourselves at our church trunk or treat tomorrow night. I also found an old pattern to make g-son some clown pants from a piece of material d-in-love bought.
The wind has slacked quite a bit today only gusting in the mid 20's but with the 40 degree temperature it is a very raw day out there.
After I picked g-son up we came home and got started on those clown pants. They turned out pretty good.
He has an orange shirt and rainbow wig and out of the material that I had left I'm going to make a big collar to match his pants. Making these brought back memories of many Halloweens when my kids were small that I would be at the sewing machine trying to create outfits for costumes they had dreamed up.
After his dad came to pick him up I worked on my van some. My van is going to be the whale that swallowed Jonah,who will be portrayed by my hubbie. Since the Bible makes no mention of a wife for Jonah I will just be a Biblical lady.
I hope the temperature rises so we won't all freeze our booties off out there !!!

Hurricane Sandy left billions of dollars in damage when it came ashore near New York city last night.
Some of these pictures remind me of what Japan looked like after the tsunami hit them a couple years ago.

Along with the historic 13 foot storm surge that produced massive flooding and the 90 mph winds there were fires.Hundreds of homes in one area alone burned to the ground as fire fighters could not get through the flood waters to put the fire out.
So many pictures of flooded automobiles.
And I hope no one needs a yellow cab for awhile !!
 So many homes destroyed and at least 48 deaths in this monster historical storm.
 And just like Miami saw after Sandy left there here is the rainbow over Queens,NY today.
Praying for all the loss of lives and homes in the path of Sandy who is still causing plenty of trouble tonight. In this photo you can see the circular bands still swirling wind, snow and cold temperatures all over the eastern US.
And this map shows how much below normal our temperature is.
Here at 11:00 it is already 38 degrees with a predicted 29 for our first really below freezing temperature of the season.
I am just taking my last cakes out of the ovens after baking 12 caramel, 2 coconut, 1 chocolate, 3 pound and 2 wine cakes tonight.
I am listening to the news as they talk about the snow that is still coming to the higher elevations overnight. Some areas already have 2 feet of snow and more coming !!!  It's only October !!!
May God bless and comfort all the storm victims and give them the strength to rebuild their lives.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy Adams said...

Bet that little clown will look cute in his costume tomorrow night....

We got almost nothing here from that storm. We were just too far west to get much--other than clouds, cold weather and WIND.... The Smokies (on the mountain) have about 3 feet... Crazy.