Wednesday, October 3, 2012


A surprisingly cloudy morning, the weather wizards predicted a beautiful fall day but that doesn't look like it's going to happen today !

After I got g-son to school,the chores done and had a bowl of cereal I started a load of month ending laundry to hopefully get it hung on the line to dry. But just as I finished my walk the rain started to fall so I had to use the dryer. These covers and bed quilts are so bulky they are hard to get dry in the dryer.
While the washer ran I baked 12 caramel,2coconut and 3 chocolate cakes.
After lunch I spent the afternoon vaccuming and mopping red mud from my floors. We have got to do something in the back yard to stop all these muddy tracks. All the hard rains we have had this summer have washed all the grass from the yard and left the red clay soil exposed.
G-son had another good day at school. It is so interesting sometimes to answer some of the questions he asked on our trips to and from school. It is like talking to another adult some days which just is really hard for me to get used to. He is learning so fast and some of the stuff I'm sure is not coming from the teacher !! He talks alot about a "reading buddy" who is an older boy. They eveidently talk more than they actually read and he is trying so hard to be all grown up already.
His dad picked him up shortly after we got home.
When Hubbie came home we discussed the red mud situation and decided to try mulching the part where the grass is gone so off he went to Lowes with a coupon I had that expires Sunday.
He got some of it put out when he got home while I was buried in the weekly paperwork. We will finish it tomorrow evening.
I iced my cakes while I watched Survivor on TV and then called it a night. Bernie , one of my 4-legged kids has picked up a respiratory bug and is coughing his head off and I know it will be a looooonnngggg night !!!!
He has done this before and it usually only last a couple days so I'm hoping this is the case this time as well.
Praying tonight that God helps poor Bernie get over his coughing quickly and thanking Him for the blessings he poured out on me today.
Good Night and God Bless.

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