Monday, October 1, 2012


G-son was here at 7:00 this morning. Hubbie got up to meet him so I could snooze a little longer,although that type of snoozing doesn't do much good as I'm always listening to what goes on and making sure they get headed to school on time.
It is lightly drizzling rain this morning as I do the chores. We got just enough rain over night to make things slippery.
While I exercised and did an inside walking tape hubbie worked on our new smoker. He had to season the entire inside and heat it twice.
He coated all the racks,pan and even the inside of the door in cooking oil, soaked some wood chips we had and put them in the chip drawer, heated it to 400 degrees and let it run for 30 minutes.
Then he had to let it cool completely so we loaded all the dirty rugs in the van and ran out to a laundry that is just out the road. I like using their huge commercial machines for the rugs because they get them cleaner plus it keeps all the gritty dirt out of my washer.
We loaded 3 machines and then went to look around at the Goodwill Store just out the road. We didn't find much and we got back to the laundry just as the washers were finishing.
Most of the rugs were rubber backed so we brought them home and  hung them up in the laundry room and started the de-humidifier to keep the moisture from overwhelming the house on this damp rainy day.
Hubbie went back to the smoker and re-oiled everything,added more soaked wood chips and fired it back up to 400 degrees for 20 more minutes. Now it is ready for the meat !!
We picked up g-son from school and stopped at a neighbor's kids pumpkin maze. This neighbor sells at the Curb Market with me and told me Saturday about the maze so g-son could come over.He usually only sells plants but had turned one of his green houses into the maze.
Okay Neena I'm going in,hope I don't get lost !!!!
There were all kinds of interesting things to see on the way through. I  think I heard him muttering about "pumpkin butt cheeks" at one point !!!
He made short work of the maze only making a couple wrong turns.
And it ended with a slide into a corn pool !!!

For almost an hour he went through the maze over and over again and said he would "just like to live here" !!!
While Pawpaw tried to talk him into leaving I did some shopping,they had an impressive array of pumpkins in all sizes and colors and gourds in all shapes and colors along with fall plants galore.

I bought several to use in my fall decor which I will hopefully get out tomorrow and some acorn squash,sweet potatoes and apples to eat.  It was a wonderful way to spend a rainy afternoon and g-son finally got hungry enough to leave.
He acted really tired after all that running and laughing.
He had just finished his mac and cheese when his dad came after him.
The rain is starting to pick up just in time for evening chores. So it was raincoats and boots this evening.
I dumped 1/2" out of the gauge after chores but I have a feeling that is just the beginning !
As I write this blog tonight at 9:00 the rain is pouring outside.  Hopefully we don't get all 3" of promised rain overnight !
Thanking God tonight for all my blessings tonight and for a wonderful Christ filled life.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marilyn, I read back through some of your blog posts. Looks like you had a good September... Hope your son gets that home is is trying to buy...

Do you have much Fall color in your area yet? We have almost none here so far--but we did see quite a bit on our trip.

Glad we got some rain today... It has been quite dry here --so the rain was welcome.


Gail said...

I am thrilled with every drop of rain we get. Our ponds are still not at their normal levels but we have a renewal of green grass for the cattle.

Sounds like a lot of fun in the maze. I love the idea of the corn slide.

linda m said...

Your grandson looks like he is having the time of his life. Wish I could join him. Still no rain here but we are getting Fall colors. God's blessings to you.