Monday, October 29, 2012


After listening to the howling wind all night waking off and on I finally got up just after 6am to check the temperature. Fortunately it was still around the mid 30's because the power had been off for a short time and my heater in the sunroom was off. I fired it back up and had just layed down when the phone rang, #1 son was bringing g-son over on his way to work. The wind blows so hard at their house d-in-love couldn't carry a sleeping g-son and keep the door from getting caught in the wind.
Hubbie put g-son in our bed and he went back to sleep for over an hour.
I kind of dreaded getting up and out this morning. It is freezing cold and the wind takes your breath away. I manged to get through morning chores and get back inside without getting hit by any flying debris. I had to move some small limbs to get to the hen house doors and the poor hens didn't know what to think when the wind hit them as they came out of their nice warm houses.
Hubbie, g-son and I hunkered down all morning and watched the trees sway back and forth with unbelievable flexibility. We know so far that we have 2 trees down on our farm. The old maple tree that was almost dead at the pond blew over and disintegrated when it hit the ground.
I'll miss this old tree in my pictures of this pasture. There is also one of the Jack Pines in front of the house blown over.
We finally ventured out to see if we could find a place to cast our votes today. After by passing the place we usually vote because there was a long line of people standing outside we headed over to Flat Rock and got inside at least, to wait for them to open at 11am. We did our patriotic duty. I don't get into political arguments but this cartoon shows my view on the president we have had for the last 4 years.
I really don't think the man that is running against him is going to be good for our country either, so my vote was what I think is the lesser of the 2 evils !!                    
And that's all I'll say about that !!!
We came home and g-son and I spent the afternoon inside listening to the still howling wind while hubbie changed the oil in the van and then  picked up daughter and they went to the dentist for their check-ups.
While he was gone I worked on getting my last photos in albums and that reminded me of the decade pics for October 2002 that I haven't posted yet.
In October 2002 we only had daughter still in high school, #2 son was at Montreat college and #1 son was working construction.
Daughter was selected for the homecoming court her senior year and the boy,Travis, she asked to escort her was chosen homecoming king that year.
The king was crowned at an assembly in the gym on Friday.
And here is the same couple on that Friday night on the football field.
One of daughter's best friends,Amber was crowned queen.
I know daughter was disappointed but I was so proud of how happy she was for Amber.
That October also brought to an end daughter's steller highschool volleyball season.
Her dad and I with her on senior night.
And yes there were lots of tears for these 3 senior volleyball players who had played with each other for 6 years,since 7th grade.

#1 son called to say he had to work until 6pm tonight to hook up all the snowplow equipment to get ready for tomorrow. He has to be at work at 6am just in case the predictions are right.
He said the predictions for Henderson County are from one to five inches and the winds are gusting up to 65 mph !!!  That's blizzard conditions for anyone out there trying to drive or work so I'm praying that won't happen. At the higher elevations already today they had snow falling.

I am also praying for the folks in the storms direct path in the New Jersey,New York areas that are flooding already. The storm is making landfall with winds at 90mph with at least a 12 foot storm surge. The timing is as wrong as it can be also, being at high tide on the full moon which is even higher.
Before the storm hit there was already massive flooding and it was hard to tell where the ocean began.

At about 7pm tonight this was the location of Sandy.
As I sit here inside our warm home and listen to the wind and feel the cold air that comes through the window beside the computer it is hard to imagine being in a flooded area with worse winds.
I pray for folks around here and anywhere that this storm leaves her mark, may we all stay safe and may tomorrow be a better day.  I know God loves us all and extends His protective arms around His children.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Voting tomorrow and also for the lesser of two evils...I hope.

Stay warm.

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marilyn, Please be safe out there tomorrow... That weather is SCARY. We may get a little snow--but nothing like your area...

We voted last week. I also voted for Romney--and do think that he'll do a good job for our country.. Anyone can do better than what we have had!!!! ha