Sunday, October 14, 2012


Had a hard time going to sleep last night as I listened to my heartbeats through a swooshing noise in my left ear. This started about Friday and has gotten gradually worse so I guess a trip to the doctor will be on my list for tomorrow. Luckily I don't hear it during the day when there is other noise going on. I wondered if it would bother me in church this morning but it didn't.
Our young associate pastor delivered the message today and he did a wonderful job. The senior pastor was at his class reunion.
We had our  smoked boston butt for lunch today and it was delicious. #2 son and daughter were here to help sample our first smoking experience and they both said it was very good.
To justify this ,out of two 7 pound butts we have only 1/2 of one of them left tonight after #1 son came by to get some for his supper.
Hubbie and I made a trip to Sam's Club this afternoon while the sky clouded up and looked like rain any minute.
We came back and put things away and then took a much needed break. I sat out in the sunroom and watched the birds at the feeders and caught up on my magazine reading while hubbie dozed in the living room. A perfect Sunday evening.
Suddenly I hear hubbie yelling and he came out to the sunroom telling me I had better check my chickens as he had just seen a large hawk fly up out of the chicken lot. I went up and counted the frightened hens and silkies who were hiding under things,thankfully they were all there.
After chores and supper we relaxed and watched TV for the evening before I did my blogging.
The leaf season is getting closer to us.
In decade pictures for October the year 1982 was a very busy and exciting time for hubbie and I. With #1 son here and us expecting #2 son we had outgrown the single wide mobile home we were living in so on land that my dad gave me we started our first and so far only house.
In this picture hubbie and #1 son check out the footings after they were poured. 

We dug and poured the footings ourselves with the help of my brothers but we hired one of my cousin's husbands to lay the block foundation.
We then hired a friend and his dad to dry the house in for us.
This is our first drive way which is now the road we use to get to our new barn as this barn is my dad's old barn that we used for awhile.

Of course October holds more special memories as October 16,1982 was #1 son's first birthday.

He had help with his cake and presents from cousin Holly.
And of course it was also his first dress up Halloween.
Love those freckles !!!!
My how time has flown by but in some ways remains the same as we still live in that same house we started in that year and #1 son still loves cake and his cousin Holly !!

I pray tonight still for the Chat Jones family and I also pray that my ear trouble will be an easy fix for the doctor.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Those are such cute pictures. I pray that your ear trouble goes away easily. Our Fall colors here in WI are almost over. I need to rake up all the fallen leaves. God's blessings to you.

Gail said...

Wonderful memories. Great pictures.