Saturday, October 6, 2012


The sun is already shining brightly this morning as I hurry through chores to get ready for market.
Hubbie went along to help me get set up and have his regular weekly visits with neighbors.
It was crowded in the market today and I had a pretty good day. People are looking for fall decorations and I sold our pumpkin along with several craft items.
I stayed so busy I didn't even have time to open my laptop while I was there. Hubbie left to stop by Tractor Supply for chicken and cow feed and then he went to our great nephew's 2nd birthday party.
The party is from 1:00 - 3:00 so I won't get to go because after I get loaded and drive out there it will be over. G-son isn't  getting to go either as he is with his mom and aunt T down in Polk county at the "Battle of the Youth".
After market I did go to a grocery store that I hardly ever go to ,Harris Teeter. I used to go there all the time until they moved and I just haven't went since then. One of the neighbors at market told me about a special they have on some of their really good soup so I went over to get some. And of course I could never go into a store and come out with only what I went after !!  I really like the new lay-out of this store and probably will do more shopping there.
I made my regular stops and picked up my Avon order on the way home. Hubbie helped me unload when I came in.
He went down to finish mowing the lower lawn and I rested for a while.
After chores I had some of the soup for supper and it was very good.It is a fresh made soup,refrigerated in their deli case.
I sat out in the sunroom with Dolly and Bernie and watched darkness come tonight. The clouds have come and gone all day but we haven't had any rain yet. It is cloudy tonight but the rain looks like it has passed by us already.
The first snow of the season fell Friday in some of the northern and western  states.
This is very early even for the far north to have measurable snowfall !!

This is this past weeks fall foliage forecast map.
As I looked through the weather maps this one jumped out at me. It shows the drought the heartland of our nation is in and the reason food prices are steadily rising.
I was surprised by this next map. I did not know there were earthquakes everyday somewhere. And quite a few actually all along the west coast.
I'm a tired lady tonight and headed to an early bedtime. It always amazes me how tired handling market for 5 hours makes me !!
I am ever gratefull to God for the strength He gives me each day to carry out what I need to get done.
And I am very thankful for a safe travel and successful day for daughter and the youth of our church.
Good Night and God Bless.

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