Tuesday, October 16, 2012


G-son was glad to get here this morning to play with Brok the Dino before school. Today is his snack day so he choose a birthday treat for everyone in his class. We had a big bag of Flintstone rice crispy treats that I walked in with him and helped carry. Today was pajama day and everyone was in their jammies.
Back home I did chores,ate breakfast, read my Bible and then before getting the laundry started I tried on all the clothes daughter had brought over. I wanted to get the ones I could wear in with today's laundry because she had them jammed into a large garbage bag. It sure made my day to find how many of them I could wear!!
After getting a load of laundry started I exercised and took a walk. I have decided to slow down a bit on my walk and enjoy the scenery. Today I was glad I did just that as I spotted this Eastern Bluebird at one of our nesting boxes.
He was really intent on his investigation.
Inside he went,all the way and I could see him flitting around in there.
Then he flew out with a beak full of nesting material ????
I told hubbie tonight he had better clean the houses out before this guy does the job for him !!

I also noticed this Eastern Phoebe watching all the action from the gate.
I did laundry and housework,finishing about 2:30 and then relaxed until time to pick up g-son and reflected on this day 31 years ago !!!
#1 son was born about 9 am this morning on October 16,1981, after a long 24 hour labor.
But all the hours of labor were well worth this healthy bouncing baby boy.
My first experience with motherhood was a great one.
I loved being a mother and it came very naturally to me.
This is that baby with me at the baby shower for his first baby.

I also reflected on this day 6 years ago when unbelievably my first experience at grandmothering began.
At about noon on October 16,2006 my first g-son was born.
I also love being a grandmother if you've been following my blog long you know that goes without saying !!!
My 2  October 16  babys  !!!
Funny how the hair comes and goes !!!!

After I picked up g-son he played until his mom came after him today so dad could go hunting on his birthday.
Today has been a really nice sunny,warm day again and I took advantage of the warmth outside this evening cleaning the leaves off all the porches and washing windows on the front porch.
This has been a great October 16th for me and I pray for many more.
Thanking God for the blessing of a wonderful family tonight and the health that he blesses me and hubbie with each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

You have every right to be proud. Your son and grandson are 2 of God's most precious gifts a mother could ever get. Happy Birthday to both of them. God's blessings to you.