Thursday, October 11, 2012


At 7am when g-son got here the temperture was 44 and at 8am as we went out the door for school it was 41. I was wondering if we were indeed going to get some frost even after the sun was up as fast as it seemed to be dropping.
I did chores and got ready for market when I got home. Market was pretty good today and we had a couple bus loads of travelers stop in and they actually bought cakes if I would box them up,so I got jelly jar boxes from the neighbor and they were good to go !
I also sold some crafts which always helps the bottom line,now if I only had time to sew more !!
Market is festive with just the regular fall items for sale.

I had several "to dos" on my list for after market. I got home around 5:00 just in time for hubbie to help me unload.
I had bought some "fresh catch" shrimp from the coast of SC at Harris Teeter in their weekly specials so hubbie cleaned them while I put things away. We grilled the shrimp for supper  and they were delicious !!!!  I just didn't get enough of them, I got the regular one pound that hubbie and I always get but I forgot to figure in the heads of the shrimp so next time I will get 1 1/2 pounds.
After chores I put my feet up for about 30 minutes before starting my icing for the evening.
I iced 12 caramel cakes and the large center cake for the wedding display. I wanted to get it done so it could sit in the frig and set the icing hard before I try to box it up.
This is typically my busiest time of year in my business and tomorrow I have a full day of cake baking and icing planned with one little interuption.
Thanking God tonight for all the blessings of today and for the business I have.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

I love all the things you have on display at you market stand. Glad some of the items are selling. God's blessings to you.