Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Woke to the sound of rain falling on the metal roof again today.  I guess Mother Nature didn't here the weathermen forecast a 30% chance of late day showers ?? !!
Mud, mud more mud everywhere this morning. At least I didn't need a wrecker to get me through the muddy morning as #1 son did.   Not a good way to start his day !!!!!

The oven repairman's time frame for arrival is 11:45-1:45 so that knocks me out of the noon basketball game I was planning to attend.
I baked cakes early so the ovens would have time to cool before he got here. I baked 1 coconut, 1 chocolate, 1 pound  and 1 blackberry wine cake for a couple orders I have for tomorrow.
The oven man came at 1:15, he couldn't think of any thing else to do to the oven to fix it even after a call to the maker so he said I should try again to get my repair money back after he wrote in his comments that it wasn't fixable.  Something tells me I have lost $437 !!!!
I made it to the 2:00 ball game. The varsity head coach is at the Orange Bowl game in Florida with her daughter who attends Clemson university so daughter was the head coach today. Sadly the girls couldn't hit their shots and lost the game to cross town rival East Henderson.

D-in-love met me at the game and g-daughter seemed to enjoy her first basketball game before she took a nap.  I don't see how she slept with all the noise but she did !!
We came home right after the game and I rested a little while before chores.
The sun peeked out just before it dropped below the horizon this evening.

Hubbie and I watched the first half of the UNC/Clemson basketball game then I went to my office to do weekly paperwork and pay bills while hubbie finished watching. UNC won their first conference  game of the season pretty handily.
I ended the night icing my cakes and getting things ready for market.
Tonight I will take a look back over this last year in the local news stories.
The #1 story of 2015 in the news was of course the Duke Energy proposed transmission line through the county.  This line ran through a large portion of our property. As residents and public officials came together to strongly oppose the line ,unbelievably Duke Energy came up with a different solution and announced in November that the line would no longer be necessary.

The #2 top news story also had personal implications for me as my sister in law Gloria (on left) was one of the whistleblowers involved in a record setting lawsuit settlement with the local hospital where she had worked for 19 years and she became an instant millionaire with the settlement.
The #3 story was about a run down trailer park in the community where the tenants were living with raw sewage running through their yards and most of the homes had no running water or electicity. These conditions were brought to the attention of officials when one of the residents pictured here had a special needs baby.

#4 was the retirement of one of the very hard working and popular public officials as Senator Tom Apodaca announced his retirement. He has gotten many things done in our area in his tenure in office and will be greatly missed.

The #5 most read story was about the millions of dollars in school rebuilding projects facing the county to replace the aging buildings that now house students.
#6 was the introduction of a new Publix grocery store that is moving into the downtown area.
#7 was the vote that stopped a firing range in the Green River community as some local land owners wanted to open up a range to host shooting competitions .

#8 was the opening of the Sierra Nevada brewery's taproom and restaurant.

#9 was the good year that the Flat Rock Playhouse had and under this lady's new management for the first time in several years ended up out of the red for the season.

The last and 10th top story was the approval of a huge apartment complex for moderate income folks.

These 10 stories are pretty tame this year but that is a very good thing as our little country town goes through another year with no major bad things going on.Tomorrow I will review my personal year as it has been a good year for the family.
Thankful tonight for all the blessings the Lord saw fit to send my way this day and forever grateful for his goodness, love and grace.
God Bless, Good Night and Happy New Year

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