Thursday, December 24, 2015


A dreary rainy Christmas Eve 2015 started early with rumblings of thunder waking me in the early morning hours. I went back to sleep thinking of the old saying that snow will come 7 days after thunder in winter !!!???
Out doing the chores in a pouring rain with mid 60's temps already surely didn't even feel like winter let alone any thoughts of "snow". As I slipped and sloshed through the mud this was the image that was brought to mind for this year's Christmas. A "mudman" !!

 Hubbie and I needed to pick up some last minute items so we got an early start hopefully to beat the huge crowds of last minute shoppers.
We made it back home before lunch just as the skies opened up and the hardest rain of the entire year pounded us as we ran from the honda to the porch with our purchases.
The mud filled waters soon overflowed the creek banks and filled the pastures on both sides of the road.

The rain continued all day leaving another almost 2 1/4 inch of rain in the gauge at evening choretime.
Hubbie and I spent the rainy afternoon cleaning house and cooking for tonight's family dinner.
We cooked a smoked ham, mashed potatoes, baked mac and cheese, green beans, 7-layer salad and biscuits with sweet tea to drink. Re is bringing the sweet potato casserole and broccoli salad, d-in-love is bring her corn casserole and daughter is bringing a pumpkin roll for dessert.
We did chores early and turned the ovens and pressure pot to warm while we went to the annual candle light service at church.
The lighting of the Christ Candle began the service.

I always enjoy this service with all the candle light and the old familiar carols.
D-in-love always helps provide the music.
My family with the exception of the mail delivery folks who always work late.

 Re always has a song during this service.
And this year g-son and the other two boys who played the three kings joined the men's essemble for the singing of "We Three Kings" which was the hit of the night especially when the words of the song faded from the screen and the men stopped singing but the boys with g-son in the lead kept right on singing as they had memorized the words for their play a couple weeks ago.

G-daughter thought the Christmas songs were perfect lullabys as she snuggled up to daughter !

It was a wonderful service to begin the celebration of the birth of our Dear Savior.

As we headed home the rain was still falling to make for a nasty night. I am thankful that all the family made it to our gathering and fun was had by all, especially these guys !!!
Daughter had bought a gingerbread reindeer for EL to put together and decorate.

Josh was the icing helper as g-son gave instruction !!!!

And she brought some "ninja" bread cookie mix for g-son to make and decorate.

And little BB didn't know what to think about all the excitement!!
We all ate waaay too much as usual and then the really fun part of the evening began.
The tree was now completely surrounded with presents and the kids were vibrating with excitement.

I love the "faces of Christmas"  !!!!!

I am very appreciative as always for my beautiful gifts, thanks to all the kids for a wonderful Christmas.
I have a guardian angel to put on my Pandora bracelet to watch over me.

And daughter also gave me this hand made wreath, made by  the students in a special class at the high school she teaches at, it is made of book pages !!
It was a wonderful evening and I am thankful to God for giving me another fun filled Christmas season and thankful most of all the gift of His son.
God Bless, Good Night and Merry Christmas.

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