Friday, December 4, 2015


G-daughter didn't like the 25 degree temps this morning as she arrived at 7am. It didn't take her long to snuggle down in her swing and get back to sleep once she got inside.
While she slept the morning away I did the chores, had breakfast and baked cakes. I baked 12 caramel and 1 coconut for an order. I gave her a bottle just as I put the last ones in the ovens which worked out perfectly.
She watched me have lunch and then we went out in the sunroom to finish the decorating out there.
She was mesmerized by the fake fire place flames.
I was putting sparkly snowflakes on the tree out there and she "wanted to help" !!!!!

I finished both trees out in the sunroom and got my snowman collection set up around the room.

It's definitely beginning to "look a lot like Christmas" around here !!!!
This is the first year I have had no help from any of the little ones around here to decorate the trees. G-son asked how I got all the ornaments on the big tree without his help ?????  He said I should have called him to help, I'll remember that next year !!!!  Maybe that's one task he won't out grow !!
Hubbie left work an hour early today so we could get the chores done early and get up to our annual Deacon's dinner.  There were a lot of folks attending tonight and we had a wonderful fellowship together.  #1 son came alone as there was no one to keep the kids so d-in-love stayed home with them.

The meal was delicious as usual at the Blue Line Café in the NC Justice academy. I had the fried chicken which is my favorite. They also offered BBQ to go along with the mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans with a salad and dessert.
On our way home we drove through this light display. This is an elderly gentlemen who made most of these displays in his wood working shop. He announced his illness several years ago if you have followed my blog long I did a post on this man. He said he was not able to do the displays any longer so someone must have stepped up to help him and I am glad this display is still here for all to enjoy.

We made it home around 8:30 and I iced cakes and got ready for market the rest of the evening.
Don't know what kind of day tomorrow will be as the Christmas parade in in the morning and there will be no parking for customers. Maybe some of the parade goers will buy things on their way back to their cars afterward.
Daughter 's teams won their basketball games tonight against Hendersonville HS. In this newspaper pic she is the coach with the dark long hair sitting down watching the action between the players.

Thankful tonight for a wonderful church family and for the blessing  God gave me today.
God Bless and Good Night

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