Friday, December 11, 2015


Got to sleep in a little this morning. D-in-love's dad was rushed to the hospital last night with his diabetic problems and she took today off to go to the hospital . G-son didn't feel great and with a stomach virus going around school she was afraid he might be getting sick so he stayed home also and they all slept in this morning.
After chores, breakfast and devotions I took a nice walk outside in the unbelievably warm morning temps of already mid 50's.  The trees look ghostly with their bare branches standing strong against the pretty clear blue sky.
This Bluebird watched me intently each time I walked by him.
My brother's wood pile reminded me that it is December !!!
Back inside I baked 18 caramel, 2 coconut, 3 chocolate and 4 pound cakes before having a late lunch.
G-son came to spend the afternoon with me while his mom went to the hospital.
After he had some lunch we went outside to finish the outside decorations. He was a very good carrying helper as I tried to save my right arm all I could. What he couldn't carry we managed to drag.  He picked out some favorite decorations that he wanted to find special places for.

He helped get Joseph's head back in place.
He was funny at one point as I stumbled while getting the angel for the manger scene out of the shed and hit the angel against a barrel in the shed. He said " oh no, Neena , I'm glad angels don't die cause you would have just killed that one" !!!!!

We worked hard all afternoon but we got it all done and when we plugged the cords in all the lights came on, yes !!!!

Unbelievable playing outside in a T-shirt in mid December !!!!

Tired but happy decorators !!!!

He is getting so big and that really comes in handy as I could really use a good helper lots of times.
Hubbie had stopped on his way home and brought him some supper so he ate while we did evening chores.
After his dad picked him up I started icing cakes.
Daughter's JV team won tonight but the varsity lost to cross town rival West Henderson. She is the second coach from the left watching her varsity players in this pic.

I finally had everything done and all packed up for market by midnight,whew !!!! HO !  HO !  HO !!!
I am very thankful for my health these days and the ability to get all the things done I need to do in this busy season. I never go to sleep at night without a prayerful thank you to my Heavenly Father for the grace and mercies He extends to me each and every day.  Special prayers tonight for d-in-love's dad.
Thankful for the Reason for the Season
God Bless and Good Night

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