Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Wow !! After last night I didn't know what to expect this morning ?? After I went to bed last night the rain began to pour down and the winds were whipping more than they had all day. As I lay in bed and listened to the rain beat against the window over my head board the scanner lit up with downed tree calls and power lines down all across the county. I figured by the sound of things outside my window we would certainly be next. This morning there was a total of 890 power outages in the county from the storm.
Finally about 1am things quieted down and sleep won the battle for me.
I woke this morning to the power still on and a surprising only 1 1/2inch of rain in the gauge. The wind must have made things sound much worse than they were. There were limbs and sticks blown all around the yard but nothing else damaged thankfully.
The animals all seemed to relish the sunshine this morning and the cattle and horse were glad to get back down in the bottom pastures even if they were mostly filled with water.
I had breakfast and devotions and then called d-in-love to check with g-son who is coming to spend the afternoon with me to see if he wanted to go to Walmart with me or if he wanted me to go on this morning before he got here. He said he wanted to go so I spent the morning doing housework.
He came just before lunch, he wanted to stay with me while his mom went back to her old work place to show them g-daughter and to meet her mom to do some shopping .
After we had lunch we headed to Walmart to get some groceries and do some Clearance Christmas item shopping. G-son is always fun to shop with ........

We stopped at Ingles on the way home to pick up the Collard greens for our New Year's Day lunch.
G-son said we better get two bunches so we could have lots of money, haha !!!
Back home he helped me carry everything inside then I helped him put together a 3-D model car puzzle he bought at Walmart.  D-in-love came in and took this pic as he and I worked together, I need a haircut !!!!
She fed g-daughter and then left her here while she did her grocery shopping.  G-daughter watched g-son play a game on his I-pod.
Then she took a nap on the couch.
I came back in the living room and found this !!!!!   He loves her so much and she was so out of it he didn't wake her up with his snuggles.
I tried out my selfie stick tonight.

After d-in-love came to pick them up hubbie and I did the chores and had a light supper.
Hubbie is tired tonight after his first day back to work after his week off and spent the evening in the recliner. I caught up my blog book reading and then worked some on a re-cap post for this year.
I bought this little musical sea horse for g-daughter at Christmas and she is talking to it tonight.
She is growing up way too fast !!!!!
The air tonight definitely has a different feel to it than it has in a long time as a chill can be felt.
Although we have more rain forecast for tomorrow with still above normal temps the new year is bringing in colder dried weather.
The cold front line can definitely be found on any weather map. This is the snow cover map for today. Yes that is snow all the way down in Mexico !!!

I'm sure our turn for snow will come. One of the weatherman said last night that the last time we had an abnormally warm December which was also an El Nino year there was 27 inches of snow in the first three months of the new year, I think he said 1977.
Daughter has been at the gym all day as her teams sponsored a Christmas tournament for 4 area teams. Her varsity team lost their game today to Brevard HS and will play tomorrow in the loser bracket. She is the coach sitting down at the end of the bench .

I am very thankful to God tonight for His sparing us the brunt of the storm last night and for His everlasting care of all His children.
God Bless, Good Night and Happy New Year.

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linda m said...

So glad to hear you are okay after your big storm. Yes, grandkids are the best . Love the pictures. Blessings