Tuesday, December 8, 2015


An alone quiet morning was nice today. There was a thin layer of ice on all the water pans even as all the forecasters called for above freezing temps last night. They are really missing the temps this season at least around my place seems they are always saying it is going to be warmer than it actually is. On the early morning news they talked about a small earthquake that happened north of our area very early today.
These earthquake trembles always bring back memories for me of once when I was a youngster and my mom grabbed me and my brother and ran outside to middle of our yard, out from under any trees. I can actually remember sitting down because the earth was shaking so. When I researched when there was an earthquake around here that strong I found that in July 0f 1957 there was an earthquake that cracked chimneys, walls and plaster all around our area. Can't believe I have that vivid of  memory from when I was 3 years old !!
I had a quick breakfast before taking this little shaggy sheep to the groomer.
Dolly hates going to the groomer but acts like she has a new lease on life when she gets home all pretty and fluffy.
I will definitely have to get out the doggy sweaters if the weather gets cold anytime soon !!!
She didn't seem nervous at all when I picked her up today. I like taking her to the Petco just out the road. They only keep her about 2 hours and I think that is much easier on her than staying all day like she used to at the previous groomer.
After I had lunch I cleaned house all afternoon and still arranged a few Christmas items that were left over.
Sis in-law Sandy and I planned out Christmas family get together today.
I re-hurt my right arm muscle sweeping and vacuuming today so I have spent some time on the heating pad tonight after chores and supper.
We had another above normal temp day at 58 degrees and all sunshine.
I am very thankful for the all the blessings of this day and humbly grateful for the birth of a perfect Savior sent to save mankind from our sins.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Sorry to hear you hurt your arm again. Take it easy. Dolly looks so nice with her new haircut. I desperately need one also and will try and go today. We've been having a little warmer temps around here lately - temps are in the 40's. Blessings