Tuesday, December 22, 2015


A rainy morning to get ready for market in. The rain has thankfully slacked some as it was pouring earlier and woke me before the alarm went off.
As I slipped and sloshed through the chores I wondered how much snow this would have been if it was colder.The gauge contained 7/10ths inch so that would have been about 6 inches of snow on the ground. Oh well !!!!  Santa will be better served with a boat this Christmas than a sleigh.
We are going to get a taste of what it's like to celebrate Christmas in the warmer parts of the country this year with temperatures up to 31 degrees higher than normal and even record breaking warmth.

 Market was unexpectedly slow today as daughter met me there to help on this last day before Christmas. We did do well but just not as busy as we expected so we are very thankful. Merry Christmas to all our faithful customers !!!

 I'm smiling because I made it through another busy baking season and am getting ready for a long winter's rest !!!!!!
Daughter had to leave at noon to get out to the high school to meet her basketball team for a trip to Franklin High School to play a conference ballgame.
All the orders got picked up except one which the man called and will pick it up later tonight at my house.
As usual I had a last minute customer and then re-hurt my arm in the rush to get out of the building.
We've never had a manager before that demanded everyone be gone exactly at 2:00 and wouldn't let customers that are already inside finish their shopping but this manager is a stickler for the 2:00 closing so we all have to shut our business down early in order to get out before the doors are locked.
I'm okay if their aren't last minute sales because I start loading at about 1:40 but usually there are last minute buyers.
Anyway with my arm once again throbbing I headed to pick up some groceries for our Christmas Eve meal then came home.
Hubbie helped get things unloaded and then we did the chores a little early to avoid the rain that looks like it could start at any minute.
It has been a pretty nice day with the sun even peeking out some this afternoon really steaming things up.
Is it really 2 days before Christmas ??????????   68 degrees ????????????
As the evening wore on the rain picked up and our area was placed under a flash flood watch until Friday !!
These two precious grandbabes got to see the jolly old man today, g-daughter looks like she wasn't that impressed at her first visit !!!!!
Man, giving Santa that long list really tuckers a girl out !!!!!

Praying for safe travel tonight for daughter's teams and for all the holiday travelers that are on on the roads this week headed to family and friends to celebrate the birth of our wonderful Savior.
God Bless, Good Night and Merry Christmas

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linda m said...

Such cute pictures of your grand babies. Priceless. We are still having rain and warm temps; no snow for Christmas here. Hope your arm gets better. Blessings