Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Okay, this day turned out to be totally different than expected but around here what is unusual about that ??
Hubbie was already up and out when I got up. Thankfully I got a very good night's sleep, I guess I was really tired last night because I hardly remember my head hitting the pillow. I soaked in a hot bath for awhile and the hot water seemed to really help my knee pain.
We don't have any kids today after preparing for all three !!
EL has a bad ear infection and had to change antibiotics last night so Re and Aa split the work day up with each working 1/2 day so the kids could stay home.
D-in-love's dad was moved to another part of the hospital and can have limited visitors so other g-ma stayed with g-daughter as usual today.
After chores hubbie took his truck to the inspection station and then came home and changed oil in it.
I spent the morning baking and icing a large order of cakes for a caterer friend of mine from Greenville,SC who needed 5 caramel and 2 coconut cakes today.
Hubbie rode with me to meet her with the delivery. We always laugh when we meet as we know one day the sheriff is going to come around wanting to know what kind of products we are exchanging ??
While we were out hubbie and I went into the World of Clothing to look around and then did some shopping at Sam's Club for the week.
We came home for a late lunch of left overs and then I did more housework while hubbie rested.
He feels like he is getting a head cold.
I was working in my office when I came across these new ornaments for this year that go on my tree.
The star I bought when daughter and I went to the "Ten Thousand Villages" craft sale held at a local church, of course the middle ornament has g-daughter's name on it and  our vacation visit to Southport, NC will be remembered by this sand dollar ornament.

Later in the afternoon I sat down with him to have a hot cup of green tea and we both wound up taking extended naps.  I had intended on going out to watch daughter's JV girls game but when I woke from my unintended nap the game was over !!!
They won their game and the varsity won over East Henderson.
After chores we watched the news and then I finished the additions to my Christmas stockings by getting names on four new stockings .
I caught up my blog post while listening to the basketball games on the radio.
Today has been a 68 degree day here with some record high temperature  records set south of our area today. The colder shoe is going to drop this weekend as low 20's nights are making a return which will really hurt !!!
However after that short cold snap this weekend the temps are predicted to bounce right back above normal for the remainder of the month, with Christmas eve feeling like an early Fall or late Spring day.
Since December tends to slip away from me I want to continue the decade series tonight with memories from my families 1975 Christmas.
The tree at my dad and mom's house.
My mom putting on some finishing touches.
My brothers and my new sis-in-law Lauren who was just married to the dark haired brother sitting down.
Lauren helps dad with his unwrapping.

Love these memories !!!
Thanking God for sending His son as The real Reason for the Season.
God Bless, Good Night and Merry Christmas.

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linda m said...

Hope you enjoyed your "day off"; sure sounds like you did. We have been having warmer than normal temps around here with a lot of rain. Sure glad it is rain and not snow as my hubby has a bad hip and wouldn't be able to shovel. Blessings