Wednesday, December 2, 2015


G-daughter was here at 7am and as I opened the door for her I saw the bottom pastures filled with flood water and the rain still coming down. The flooding didn't surprise me because as I lay in bed last night and listened to the pouring rain I knew the forecasters had missed the amount of rain we were going to get and with the ground already completely saturated there was no where else for the run-off to go but into the creeks and streams.

As it got more daylight I could tell from up here that this is the highest water we have had since the new bridge has been built as both bottoms are completely filled with flood waters and it appears that the water level has dropped some.
G-daughter went back to sleep and as I did the chores the rain stopped, hopefully for good this time.
After I had my breakfast I baked 6 caramel, 2 chocolate and 4 pound cakes. I got the first run in the ovens before g-daughter woke up for her morning bottle.
She is in a super good mood this morning.
She sat in her bouncy seat and watched me finish baking. I turned the kitchen Christmas tree on so she could look at the bright lights and she enjoyed that.
After lunch we moved into the living room to put the ornaments on the big tree.  G-daughter wanted to touch this tree and finally managed to grab one of the lower limbs.
Wow Neena that is a pretty tree..................
 I wonder what it feels like ?????????

Yessssss, I got it ..............................
She is going to love her first Christmas just like her big brother did when he was a month younger than she is when he got his first look at a lighted Christmas tree.
I got the tree decorated while she watched then she had her afternoon bottle and we played until mom got here.  She is getting so strong she can hold her head up and turn every way to look at everything around her. She no longer wants to lay calmly in your arms !!! We just sat and admired the lighted tree !!!

After mom took her home I rested until hubbie got home then we did chores.Bernie and Dolly were happy I rested as they got to get in some snuggle time with mama.

  It is getting colder outside with a strong wind blowing in a cold front overnight. Thankfully the wind, although it feels cold will help to dry up all the mud. The flood waters are almost completely receded this evening.

The news is really sad today as another mass shooting happened in San Bernadino,California. Two  gunman, a man and wife, opened fire in a conference room of a social services building killing 14 people and wounding 21 more before they fled. Later in the day the dark colored SUV they fled in was involved in a traffic accident and in a gun battle with police the two suspects were killed.
This is the large building the shooting happened in.
Victims are readied to be transported to hospitals.

Such a tragedy for these families of the victims and the shooters. Right now they have no motive for the killing spree.
I spent the evening getting the weekly paperwork and bills paid and icing my cakes as I watched the periodic news updates on this event. Daughter called and said her basketball team got its first victory tonight over Thomas Jefferson high school.
My heart and prayers go out to the shooting  folks tonight, may God give the amazing comfort only He can during this time. Seems each year at the beginning of the holiday season there is a tragedy somewhere in our country. It can only be the devil trying to compete with the celebration of  God's only sons birth in my opinion. Lord have mercy on this sinful country.
God Bless and Good Night

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