Saturday, December 12, 2015


A very very foggy morning greeted us today.
I just thought it was foggy on the farm !  It was even worse when I got closer to town as I could not even see the red lights until I got really close to them.
Market was hidden in the fog !!
I had a decent sales day today with all the orders I had and I got to catch up with a couple friends who stopped by. When I came out of market this afternoon the parking lot was so wet from the morning's fog that it looked like it had rained.
After market I made supply stops at Aldi and Ingles for nest week's baking and tomorrow night's extended family Christmas gathering.
Made it home at 4:00 and met g-son getting a driving lesson on his dad's lap coming down the driveway. He looked happy !!!
Hubbie helped me get unloaded and get things put away just as #2 son drove up in a new truck he had bought. With his herniated disc in his neck the doctor told him he should get rid of his straight drive jeep wrangler and get something bigger and more comfortable to drive. This Ford F-150 crew cab fits the bill.

After her left hubbie and I did chores and hubbie showed me some bad news as a hawk had gotten one of the roosters I have turned loose in the garden. There wasn't much left but a lot of red feathers when he found him inside the fenced in garden this afternoon.
One less fryer for the freezer !!!
Daughter sent this picture of her basketball girls gathered at Ingles to ring the Salvation Army bells today.
After hubbie and I watched the news we cleaned house some. He helped vacuumed while I mopped all the floors.
Whew !! what a week !!!  This picture hit the nail on the head for me this week !!!
Thankful Thankful Thankful  to a wonderful merciful Savior and thankful that He sent His son to be my Savior as well as yours.
God Bless, Good Night and Merry Christmas

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