Monday, December 14, 2015


A different Monday morning around here today. Hubbie is working today and taking tomorrow off to help with the three babies that are supposed to be here. Re is working a day shift to replace one of the nurses tomorrow and with d-in-love's dad still in the hospital g-daughter may be here also.
G-daughter was here at 7am today and settled right back down in her swing to have her long morning nap. I was very thankful this morning as after tweaking my knee last night I could not find a comfortable position that kept the pain down enough for me to sleep until about 4am when I think my tiredness over rode the pain level and I got to sleep. So I was more than glad to lay back down on the couch with the Christmas tree lights on in the dim morning light and nap a little longer.
ALL  IS   CALM  !!!!
It has been a very rainy morning with hard rain falling most of the early morning hours and getting lighter as the morning wore on. 
After chores and breakfast I gave g-daughter her first bottle and she was in a wonderful mood as usual all day today. She is so sweet and is so much fun  !!!

I did laundry and picked up the house after last night's party getting everything back into place.
After we both had our lunch we relaxed and enjoyed each other until she got tired.  She was funny fighting sleep for some reason but after her 2:00 bottle she lost that battle and went into a deep sleep for the rest of the afternoon.
I finished the three loads of laundry and got all of it put away before d-in-love came by to pick her up.
Today has been a rainy,cloudy, warm, mid 60's day to continue the unseasonably warm month. I emptied  2 inches of rain from the gauge this evening.
 I looked through my photos for the December decade pics until chore time. December is a popular time for pictures for every year.
In an old scrap book that my Aunt Hattie Holmes, mom's sister, kept I found this news article about a record setting milk cow named Fanny's Girl from Carl Sandburg's Connemara farm who ended her record breaking milking time in December 1945.
Then in December of 1955 my precious photo bug Aunt who someone caught here in her work uniform  had a human subject, me, her baby girl niece.
At almost 17 months old I looked like I was enjoying my second Christmas !!!
 Someone was brave to let me handle their glass animal figurines !!! These pics were taken at my Aunt's house as I remember that designed carpet.

 I remember I kept this little stuffed skunk for years until I was old enough to remember it !!!

Looks like I may have gotten a new dress for Christmas. These pics were back at home with the hand sawed pine paneling on the walls.

My Aunt Mary and my mother sitting under the Christmas tree !!
Looks like everyone was having a Merry Merry Christmas that year and I am so thankful for these old pictures. Maybe I got my photography love from my Aunt Hattie !!
I finished my Christmas projects and got them ordered, hopefully they will arrive on time.
Thankfully all my pains are less tonight in my arm and my knee so hopefully I can get a good night's sleep.
I am grateful to my loving Lord for the gift of a wonderful Savior who gave the Hope of eternal life for all who choose to give their life to Him.
God Bless, Good Night and Merry Christmas

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