Sunday, December 6, 2015


Got to sleep in on this Sunday morning,ahhhhhh.
After chores and breakfast I got ready for church. Tis the season for Christmas vest !!!

 I arrived a tad early and had a nice visit with some friends and then EL and her mom came in. She was singing the first song in the service today and we entertained BB when she sang while EL sat with her daddy.
We lit the second candle of Advent this morning, the Peace candle.
G-son rode home with me from church and it was just fun to hold a conversation with him while he sat in the front seat beside me. Although it is mind boggling to me that he is this big already !!!!
We had a huge crock pot of beef stew and a cake of cornbread for lunch all ready when everyone got here.
BB had to satisfy his curiosity of all the ornaments on the tree. I haven't put any breakable ornaments on the bottom half of my Christmas tree in many years.
After everyone ate Hubbie followed #2 son to Barnardsville,NC to deliver the old truck he sold. A man was buying it for his 16 year old daughter.
Aa and Re took their kids home for naps and #1 son's family went home to put up a Christmas tree.
They decided on my old lighted tree and g-son had to ride with it down the drive way.
The tree looks really good after they got it all decorated and g-son looks pretty proud !!!.

 As you can tell it is a beautiful day, warm with temps in the mid 50's. I decorated outside all afternoon. I got most things up except the lights that require ladder climbing. Hubbie has to be here for that. I also need to get out the old Nativity set.
Hubbie came home just as I was heading out to do the chores. He and son had stopped by the farmer's market but found no oranges.
After chores we had supper and then relaxed for the evening. I caught up my blog book reading and hubbie gave Bernie and Dolly baths.
Daughter worked on her outside decorations today also.
Grateful to God tonight for a wonderfully blessed Sunday and for the promise of the Prince of Peace.
God Bless and Good Night

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Gail said...

I have watched him grow too. It's hard to believe...the front seat!