Thursday, December 3, 2015


A colder morning today but at least its sunny !  As I got ready for market and did the chores I almost re-thought the clothes I had on as it is not supposed to warm up only in the mid 40's today. A 14 degree difference in this morning's temperature from 24 hours ago !!

I made it to market on time and had a very slow day. It was chilly inside the old uninsulated block building today and my hands and nose stayed very cold all day. None of the heaters were running, do
n't know why. This is our market Christmas tree this year. It looks kind of sad this year.

There usually a lot of green in market this time of year but today only a couple booths had anything.

This is my table all decked out for the season.

Hubbie went over to the elementary school to have lunch with g-son on this "grandparents" day and then they shopped in the book fair.
After I left market I made stops at the bank, P.O., Sav Mor, Aldi, Walmart and Farm Bureau Insurance to pay our home owner policy.
I got home at 4:30 and got everything unloaded and was just finishing when hubbie came home.
he helped get things put away then it was chore time. I put some chicken tenders with Italian dressing mix over them in the pressure cooker to have for our supper. They were very good and fast.
The air is really chilly this evening and tonight the temps are supposed to get to the mid 20's.
Our wood fire felt very good tonight. I intended to finish decorating the sunroom but it was too cold out there where there had been no heat all day.
Another comparison pic of the kids, g-daughter,today on left and g-son,2006, on right !!

This clear day had a pretty ending this evening as the sun set.
I am very thankful for all my blessings of this day and thankful for traveling mercies for Aa and his family as they traveled home from a weeks visit with Re's family in Ohio.
God Bless and Good Night

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