Friday, December 25, 2015


Ahhhhh !!!! Slept in a little while on this Christmas day.  It is another dreary morning with light rain still falling.
After chores and breakfast hubbie went outside to his workshop and I caught up my blog book reading. It was fun to read back over the last 6 years Christmas and note the changes in our family and lives. It made me very thankful for my blessings along the way.
After lunch the rain got heavy again and we watched the creek rise to the tops of the banks again but the rain stopped in time for no more flooding today.
We took the afternoon to relax and do nothing as we watched the rains fall steadily outside.
I always feel a let down after all the Christmas festivities are over and done and all the gifts are opened but this year I am holding on to the season a bit longer , lighting the lights in the house and enjoying the quiet time without having a bunch of things that need to be done. I am looking forward to this next week of slow down time and having time to stop and savor this season.
Hubbie and I talked this afternoon as how next year's Christmas will be with g-daughter running around and wondering what other changes await us in the coming year.
At chore time this evening I dumped another 1/2 inch from the rain gauge.
It is a foggy cloudy evening, but the clouds appear to be lightening up a little bit so maybe the rain will stop for awhile.
There is a full moon tonight on Christmas day , the first since the year 1977 and there won't be another one for 19 more years. But with the clouds hanging so low and thick tonight we won't be able to see the moon.
I had a good friend and customer call and ask for a couple pound cakes tomorrow for a death in her church so I baked 1 granny and 1 chocolate pound cake tonight. I decided I will go to market and see if any one is there and then come home if it is really slow.
The news tonight was all about the weather and the snow storm that is coming across the country.
By the time it gets to our area it will be all rain for the first of the week giving us another rainy Monday.
Today's high was 69 degrees which tied the old record set back in 1955. This is a comparison graft for the last six years.
31 son came up this afternoon to blow up g-son's basketball in shorts and a t-shirt which looked so strange for a Christmas day attire !!
Hubbie and I relaxed watching some old Andy of Mayberry shows tonight on TV.
Thanking God for the blessings of family and friends and for the precious memories of  Christmas Joys.
God Bless, Good Night and Merry Christmas

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linda m said...

Merry Christmas! Hubby and I had a very quiet Christmas also. It finally stopped raining here but the cloud core kept us from seeing the full moon. Looks like run again today. Blessings