Monday, December 7, 2015


Up at 7am to put g-daughter back to sleep in her swing. I got dressed just in time for Re to bring EL and BB over after working all night. It is a very foggy morning when I did chores a little earlier than usual.

These two were in great moods this morning even with both having runny noses and coughs.
After breakfast EL found all the Christmas toys and played with them sending me in search of batteries.
G-daughter must sense that this is going to be a BFF for her when she gets a little older because she can't take her eyes of EL when they both are here.

BB slept a good nap this morning while these girls had some girl time together !!
After lunch  EL wanted to decorate a Christmas tree so I got this one from downstairs and got out a box of styrofoam ornaments that hubbie's mom made and she did a great job.

All the time singing "gonna be a happy Christmas day" !!  She was very proud of her master piece !!
BB was more interested in the ornaments on my big tree than what his sister was doing.
Woohoo !!!  they all three took a long nap this afternoon at the same time !!!  Hubbie went to run some errands and I did the weekly laundry while keeping an eye on the monitors.
When they all woke up it was time for mom's to come pick them up.
Hubbie and I did chores early so we could get over to the Flat Rock Playhouse to see g-son's first acting debut !!!
The playhouse offered a program in the elementary schools to let kids get their feet wet on stage.

G-son and a friend signed up. He has been staying after school every Monday for the last 6 weeks to practice a short skit to be preformed on the playhouse stage. His group consisted of 3rd thru 5th graders at the elementary school he goes to.
 When we arrived the parking lot was overfilling fast and we were stack parked nose to tail with other cars attending the same time frame skits as we were. Lucky for us we were on the end on the line and next to the road.
G-son did so well I was really surprised. He was really into his roll in the skit and never missed a word. He had a smile on his face the entire time even when he was waiting to come out on stage.


I was very proud of all these kids and in awe of what they had accomplished in only a few short weeks.
After these first groups preformed the announcer actually asked all us to leave so the next groups family could have parking and seats. This was the first year the playhouse offered these programs but I'm positive it won't be the last !!
As we left and drove home I thought back a few years to when g-son was younger and how much he has changed in what seems to be such a short time. Maybe he will be on a big stage one day and I will be blessed enough to see him.
This day has been more like spring than December but we will take all the warm sunny days we can get. The jet stream is stuck up north for a while allowing the entire country to have much above normal temps for December days. Gonna be hard to look at Christmas decorations this week-end !

Thanking God for a wonderful day filled with the joys that only children can bring !!! Remembering tonight all those brave soldiers that lost their lives 74 years ago when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Never forget !!!

God Bless and Good Night

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