Monday, December 28, 2015


Woke early to another misty cloudy warm morning.
Makes me thankful for the last 2 days with peeks of sunshine !!!
Just as I was finishing morning chores Re bought EL and BB over to stay while she slept after working all night at he hospital.
She left and the kids, hubbie and I all had a good breakfast to begin a fun filled day. They played the morning away. BB took all the toys out of the toy bags and played with each one for a few minutes before going back to the bag for more !!!!

EL isn't giving up Christmas too soon and redecorated her little tree several times before she wanted her tent set up to watch cartoons from while BB took a morning nap.

She finally convinced Pawpaw to take her out to the swing until the rain got heavier and ran them inside for lunch.She loves to be outside !!!
After lunch they both went down for long rainy day naps leaving me to catch up my three loads of weekly laundry and hubbie to work on some wedding projects for daughter in his shop.
Mom came after them when they woke up before she had to go to another meeting.
Hubbie and I did chores a bit early as the skies darkened and the rain and wind began.
Our area is under a flood watch until Thursday with more and more rain forecast for the coming days.

The rain forecast is for between 2-3 inches for our area with pocket areas getting as much as 5 inches. Hope we don't end up in one of those pockets !!!
With the ground already completely saturated any additional rainfall could mean bad flooding issues.
Hubbie shut the gate this evening keeping the cattle and horse in the upper pasture for the night as the wind and rain got heavier as darkness fell tonight.
Hubbie and I spent a restful evening tonight listening to the wind and rain beating the windows and doors as the south wind blew the rain all the way across the porches.
Grateful to God for a blessing filled day and for His never ending love and grace. Praying tonight for all the victims of this storm that is dropping all kinds of severe weather across the country.
God Bless, Good Night and Happy New Year.

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linda m said...

We got hit with 5-6 inches of snow followed by freezing rain and high winds. Went out once yesterday to snow blow and now we have to go out again. The city plow left a huge pile of snow at the end of our driveway. Blessings to you and stay safe.