Friday, December 18, 2015


A 7am wake up call as g-daughter arrived jarred me out of a sound sleep this morning. Usually I  am waking up by the time she arrives but not today !!
After getting her settled back down in her swing for her morning nap I laid down on the couch to wait for complete daylight before heading outside to do the chores. It is still cloudy this morning so the sun is taking a little longer to lighten things up.
After chores and breakfast g-daughter woke at 8:30 and was hungry by 9 instead of her regular extended morning nap.
I spent the morning icing caramel cakes to make room on my kitchen counters for me to get today's baking started.
I got 12 cakes iced before lunch time.
G-daughter was her usual smiley self and I got some good pics to choose a stocking holder picture from.

School let out early today to begin Christmas vacation and d-in-love and g-son were here at 1:30 to get g-daughter.
G-son was proud of the pillow he made for his little sister.
They are a precious pair for sure .......

After they all left I baked 10 pound cakes which took until almost 5:00 and since I can't leave the kitchen for fear of the ovens shutting off I caught up my blog book reading and cleaned in the kitchen all afternoon.
After evening chores icing time started early tonight with 18 more caramels, 4 chocolates and 4 coconuts cakes remaining to be iced it was a long night. I finally had things all packed up the orders all boxed up and things ready for market a little after midnight, whew !!
Today has been a taste of winter weather for us at least as temperatures go with the high all day at 48 degrees but the sun was shining brightly. I have kept a fire going in the downstairs woodstove all day and the house has felt toasty warm with that and the ovens going all day.
As usual I am writing this between customers on Saturday which was surprising on this Saturday that I would have time for this.
God is good all the time, let is thank Him for His precious Gift for all mankind ,The Real Reason for the Season.
God Bless and Merry Christmas

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