Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Whew !!! What a night !!! As I lay in bed listening to the police scanner last night (and early this morning) I expected the power to go off at any minute with all the ice that was collecting on all surfaces. I listened to the pouring rain and wondered how much of it could attach itself to the power lines and trees.
I finally dozed off in the wee hours of the morning after hearing the police closing road after road because they were virtually impassable . The local fire depts were begging folks to stay put where they were and not get out on the ice covered roads. I said a thankful prayer that we did not have to be out in this mess.
Surprisingly I woke to the power still on this morning as my phone sounded off again canceling school for yet another day.
As I dozed back off  d-in-love text saying she was going in to work late because the roads were still so bad.
It felt good to get some extra sleep this morning after a rough night.
As I got out to do the morning chores the sunlight reflecting off the still ice covered trees was really pretty. I poured out 1& 1/4 inches of rain from the gauge from the hard rains of last night.

There were many roads still closed this morning because of ice and fallen trees and power lines.

D-in-love brought the kids about 8:30.  G-son is a good help at babysitting his baby sister and she loves him and can't keep her eyes off him if he's around.
I'm glad he still loves my caramel cake.
We had a good day together. G-daughter had a hard time sleeping so she was out of sorts she also has a stuffy nose.
I did some house work between playing with and feeding these two all day. I also got part of an exercise tape done this morning !!
Daughter came by after she left her school early on her way to a dr.'s appointment and dropped off her tax papers for me to get started on her taxes.
She played with the kids a few minutes, they are always happy to see their aunt T come around.
D-in-love left her school a little early to go with Re to SC to pick up their bridesmaid dresses.
She took g-daughter and Re took BB but EL wanted to stay and play with g-son who was also staying here.  I would love to know what this conversation was about  !!
They played very hard the entire time they were here until their dad's came to pick them up.
I did evening chores in a light rain again but the temperature is still in the 40's thankfully tonight. We are just hoping the rain passes our area before the temperature drops into the 20's later tonight. I hope this map is right and we are left out of this round of freezing precip.
It was very very nice not to have to carry more unfrozen water this evening to the hens and dogs.
I was still sliding and slipping all around this evening but at least in the mud not ice !!
Tonight at 10:00 the temp is 38 so I just hope the rain ends soon !!!
I am tired tonight from the loss of sleep of last night and am heading to bed early.
Thankful to God tonight for the wonderful blessings of this day and striving to do His will in all that I do each day.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

I am so glad everyone is safe after that ice storm. The pictures you posted are very pretty but I know how dangerous that ice is. May God continue to keep you all safe. Blessings