Monday, February 22, 2016


Seemed like it took me forever this morning to shake off the groggy feeling I woke up with. Hubbie was here and when we got g-daughter settled in for her early morning nap I went back to bed to see if a little more sleep might help. It didn't, I was still stumbling around doing the morning chores.
Only after I ate breakfast did I start to feel pretty normal again. Well as normal as one feels with a stuffed up nose and sore throat  with a nasty cold anyway.
I got laundry started and then fixed g-daughter her morning bottle as she woke up about 9:00 hungry.
She got really fussy tired as she also still has her snotty nose and cough from a cold. I put her back in the swing and she went right back to sleep, bless her heart I can relate to how she feels today !!
I went outside and planted the hyacinths I bought early that bloomed in the living room window. I wanted to get them planted before the rain begins.I planted them in the raised bed outside the downstairs windows.
I did four loads of laundry and finished #2 son's taxes while g-daughter slept. Hubbie went outside to get some work done before the rain moves in later today.
At 2:00 g-daughter finally woke from her long nap and was hungry again. She is sitting some by herself now and loving it.
I love those beautiful big blue eyes !!!
D-in-love came in about 4:00 and fed her while waiting to go back to school to pick up g-son who is practicing another Flat Rock playhouse play on Monday afternoons.
Just as she was leaving Re brought EL and BB by to stay while she goes to a meeting at the hospital where she works.
EL remembered the Lincoln Logs from yesterday and had Pawpaw help her build a farm.

And in comes the "farm wrecker", BB, as he wanted to get in the middle of this project.
They play together sometimes but most of the time they have very different ideas of what is fun !!
BB was not impressed with the chicken and rice supper mom had left for him but did eat most of it with a little game playing.
He is developing a personality that is fun to watch but hard to keep up with !!!!!!!!!
After Re picked them up to get home and in the bed hubbie went outside to look for Sadie (the tri colored Aussie) she disappeared in an earlier thunder storm. Fortunately she was in the barn and not down on the road this time !!! Now she is safe, dry and warm in her kennel in the basement.
The temperature today was in the low 60's but clouds all day and rain starting before chore time this evening cooled things down tonight and it is 48 at 9:00.
Wet chore time ....

The rain has been hard at times tonight but thankfully no more thunder or wind.
The forecast is for over 2" of rain for our area over the next two days.
Hubbie went to bed at 9:00 tonight and I am not far behind as fighting this cold is wearing on me.
Thankful for the undeserved blessing of this day and everyday as I strive to glorify His name.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Sounds like you had a very busy, tiring day; especially as you are fighting a cold. Hope you feel better soon. Blessings