Thursday, February 25, 2016


Well g-daughter arrived early this morning with a totally different plan for today than usual. She was wide awake and had no interest in going back to sleep as she has always done. I put her in her little saucer and she played happily until 8:30 when she got hungry.
As I watched her I couldn't help but think how short the time will be until she is walking around and then in school and then, well I really didn't want to go that far !!!!  It is hard to believe she is already almost 6 months old !!!
I did the chores and got all the routine morning things done .
The sun seems to be winning the battle with the clouds on this cool 30 degree morning.

 I even got my one sewn item done with her watching the churning needle of the sewing machine closely from her little bouncy seat on the floor beside the machine. Another "full" apron to add to my inventory.
Hubbie called and said he was coming home to rest his back which has been hurting all week.  He stopped for a haircut on the way while g-daughter waited on her 11:30 bottle before we went into town to run the weekly errands. He wanted to go along and I welcomed the help carrying g-daughter around. (probably not the best thing for his hurting back !!)
Here in Aldi she is watching the price check out of each of our items really closely !!! She's learning young not to trust those machines !!!
We only had to go to Aldi and Walmart today and she was a really good girl in both as usual. I ran into Staples to get printer ink and she got a little antsy sitting in the car with hubbie but was happy as soon as we started moving again.
We got home for a late lunch for all three of us then she conked out for an afternoon nap while I worked on our taxes.  Whew my mind is a boggle of figures after a couple hours.
When d-in-love picked up g-daughter hubbie and I went to feed cattle. These two little guys wanted to help but they wanted to do it from the seat of a tractor and four-wheeler, typical kid farm help !!!

The snow was blowing around all evening and the wind is still pretty high making the mid 30's temps feel really cold.
After chores hubbie and I had supper.
 This is a radar image of the snow all around tonight.
When I let the dogs out tonight for their  bathroom break  the snow was collecting on the Honda top and all the bushes but none was sticking to the ground yet here. Who knows what we will wake up to in the morning !!
 Tonight  I looked up some more tax data for our return but decided I had too many numbers still floating around in my head to get back into the forms tonight.
Calling it a day and heading for bed listening to the wind whipping outside it will feel good to snuggled down under the warm covers.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and praying hubbie's back gets better quickly.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

I can't believe g-daughter is almost 6 months old. She is so cute! We had the very high winds here again yesterday, but no snow. Hoping Spring is around the corner. Hope hubby's back feels better soon. Have a nice weekend. Blessings