Monday, February 29, 2016


 An extra day in this month payed off for me as I finally got my February goals met when I finished and filed daughter's taxes today. With all our taxes complete I can move on to March goals, finishing my next blog book, catch up my photo downloads, get more photo prints in albums and get my craft inventory at market back in the black with extras.
G-daughter arrived at 7am and spent a fussy morning not taking any nap time. Hubbie played with her while I got the chores done and had breakfast. I took her over for awhile while he went to get the paper and did some work outside.We think she is trying to cut some teeth on the bottom.
We switched off again in late morning so I could get some bonnets of all sizes cut out for my sewing time this week.
After an early lunch she finally gave in and went into a deep slumber for the afternoon. Hubbie went to work on some more of daughter's wood projects for her wedding and I did 3 loads of laundry and watered all my house plants upstairs and down stairs.
I took a hot tea break out in the sunroom as hubbie came in after finishing his projects.
G-daughter woke up in a much better mood and we all three sat outside on the front porch in the sunny 68 degree afternoon. The sun felt so good I would have loved to have taken a nap out there.
D-in-love came after g-daughter late today after going grocery shopping and then picking g-son up from his play practice at school after 5:00.
We did chores and had supper then watched a UNC / Syracuse basketball game which UNC won.
The weather today has been really nice but it is coming to a quick end with the naming of the "Q" storm today as it moves our way.
As this month ends with an extra day the memories of February 2016 are sweet.  February started out with my yearly mammogram appointment on the first day. This year it was clear with no call back so we celebrated by going shopping. G-daughter is spending 5 days a week with me this month as other g-ma deals with other g-father's leg amputation.
On the second day the ground hog did not see his shadow on a cloudy rainy day. Spring right around the corner ??????
As if right on cue the next day we had a major flood. The water was the highest its been since they built the new road.
I made the decision to give up my 2 extra market tables that belong to a neighbor that I have been paying the rent on for several years as my income from market sales continues to slid downward.
I moved all my crafts to daughter's 2 tables which she only uses when blackberries are in season.

We celebrated a wonderful Valentines Sunday as I taught g-son to play "jacks".
On the 15th we had a major ice storm but thankfully we were some of the lucky few who kept electric.

Basketball season ended at the end of the regular season for daughter's team after years of making the play-offs they fell short this season.
But basketball just got heated up for the family with g-son playing in his first season of rec ball as a 3rd grader. Every Saturday all the family that could get there watched his ballgames. He did pretty good for his first year.

It has been a pretty calm month for the rest of the family with no big news or changes so that is always a good thing.
The big news of the month was our pastor announcing his plans to take another job with the NC Baptist Association later in the spring.
All in all it has been a good month and I have spent many hours with this precious little girl who is growing up way to fast for me.

Thanking God for the grace He has shown all members of my family this past month and asking for His guidance as the new month begins.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

You have had a very busy month. The latest winter storm hit us last night and this morning. Guess it's now coming your way. G-daughter just gets cuter every day. Happy March 1st to you and blessings