Thursday, February 11, 2016


G-daughter was off her schedule to start the morning and didn't sleep but about 30 minutes after I fed her.
I was expecting EL to spend the morning with me while her mom went to a used baby things sale in Greenville SC but she went to stay at another friend's house to play.
After chores and breakfast I decided to start on a photo project that is on my do to list for this winter.
I have many pictures of my kids with their sports teams and their class pictures as well as other special pics that I have kept through the years. I have these all packed away in boxes and in  frames on the walls. I want to get them all online so that they will be preserved and so that the kids can have copies of them also. I got through daughters and #2 son's today between taking care of g-daughter who was a bit out of sorts for some reason today.
While she took her short naps today she cried out and fussed in her sleep.  After her longest nap of the day this afternoon she woke up happy and playful so all is well I suppose !!
After her mom picked her up about 4:30 I put away all the pics I had scanned and then did chores.
The temperature got up to 36 today so some of the ice melted. The low this morning was 19 and the wind has died down so today hasn't been that bad.
The forecast is for another round of snow for the higher mountain areas tomorrow night where the snow is already 15 inches deep from this weeks snows already. The snow cover reaches pretty far down after this cold snowy week.
A system coming in Sunday and Monday is looking more and more like a snow and ice maker for our area. Hopefully the temps will stay low enough for it all to be snow and not ice.

Hubbie had an emergency deacon's meeting tonight so I had some "me" time to just relax with the 4-legged kids after he left.
Back in February 1966 I bought my very first cow, a registered Black Angus, from a farm on the other side of town owned by the Reece Pope family.There are two things that have stuck in my memory about the Pope farm, one was getting on one of the electric fences they had which was the hottest fence I have ever felt and two the candied orange rinds Mrs. Pope always gave us when we were there and one more thing I do remember is the big wagon wheel chandalier in the living room of their house. Here is my cow's registration papers.
And speaking of the cold weather of February , back in 1966 the cold was really brutal as the French Broad river froze so solid it could be walked across.

I did a news story with these old newspaper clippings a few years ago when we had an exceptionally cold and snowy winter. Most folks who have moved to this area can't believe it can get this cold around here.
I am thankful for all the blessings of the day and as I looked through all those old photos today it made me think how blessed I have been through the years with three healthy happy children.  Thank you Lord.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

I would never have believed it could get that cold around there if you hadn't posted the newspaper clippings. Wow, just goes to show you how much I don't know. Keep warm and safe. It is still bitterly cold here with bad wind chills. Have a great weekend. Blessings