Monday, February 1, 2016


Up early to greet g-daughter to get this new month started off.
She went back to sleep after fusing for a while, bless her heart. Hubbie layed down on the couch and went I back to bed since I had a hard time going to sleep last night because of my racing mind  ,thinking of all the things I need to get done in this new month and a stuffy nose.
The smell of hubbie cooking his eggs and bacon woke me a little later and I followed my nose to the kitchen to have my own breakfast.
I did the chores and then we woke g-daughter up, which is something I hardly ever want to do, but today is my yearly mammogram appointment in Asheville and we need to leave at 9:45 to get there.
Hubbie sat in the car with g-daughter while I went in. Today was the longest I have ever had to spend in the breast center having a mammogram. They have a new 3-D version you can opt for for extra cost that the insurance companies are not covering and it takes a little longer. I took this option with the call backs I have had I figured anything I could do to give them a better look would be beneficial.
Then when I got that done before I left I had to pay the extra money in two different places which took longer but they gave me a $9 discount for paying today.
It was almost an hour before I got back to the Honda but  hubbie and g-daughter were people watching and having a good time.
From there we headed over to the outlet mall to return a t-shirt hubbie bought before Christmas and look around a little as long as g-daughter was agreeable.
She enjoyed riding in this stroller so she could look around at things.
I was shocked at how empty of customers this place was today and all the stores had 75% off sales going on. Hubbie bought a pair of socks and I found a couple spring tops and some nice on sale leggings for our small purchases of the day.
This little girl was as good as you could ask for and was all smiles while waiting for me to get her bottle heated up for her lunch.

I have to say it has been a long time since I have fed a baby in the back of a vehicle but this beautiful warm day was too nice to sit inside.
Hubbie and I waited until we got back to Fletcher and stopped at Sub-Way to have our lunch. As we ate inside g-daughter was content to watch out the window.
Our final stop was at Southern States to pick up chicken feed then we headed home.
After another bottle g-daughter sacked out for a long afternoon nap. Hubbie went outside and washed my Honda Pilot for me. I have been running it through car washes but the hood would never come clean from the sap that covered it this past Fall.
I stayed inside with g-daughter and did 3 loads of weekly laundry.
G-son started another stint with the Flat Rock Playhouse after school today which lasted until 5:00. D-in-love stayed at school and worked since g-daughter was sleeping while she waited on him.
They came in to pick g-daughter  up and headed straight to basketball practice at 6:00.  Right after practice he had a Cub Scout meeting at 7:00 for a very busy Monday night.  I remember those days !!!
As I went out to do the chores the rain started sprinkling. The temperature still in the upper 50's doesn't even require a jacket after the highs in the mid 60's today.
I fixed some chicken tenders in the pressure pot to go with the left over mac and cheese for our supper tonight.
I worked some on my next blog book. I am having to down load my blog one month at a time and it is taking a very long time but maybe I can go back to getting 6 months in each book by doing it this way. I finished down loading September tonight before watching UNC loose their first conference game to Louisville.
February 2016 came in with a mix of weather today. After a beautiful day I have sat here listening to the pouring rain tonight. With the temperature still sitting at 55 at 10:00 tonight and this being the first night in a long time we don't have a fire in either woodstove I'm hoping we have more days like this one.
Thanking God for safe travel today and praying that  it  be in His will that my exam today will be normal.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Praying for excellent results on your mammogram. G-daughter looks so happy in the pictures. We are having temps in the 30's with a rain/snow mix to come. Happy Ground Hog Day. Blessings