Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Looked out the window as I headed for the living room to welcome g-daughter at 7am and no snow for us !!
It is 16 degrees so it probably is too cold to snow as my dad used to say !! He said around 28 was perfect snowing temp.
After I fed g-daughter I started my mornings of staying up and starting the day early as I finished my shredding and tried once again to download more months into my bog book. Looks like I can only make a 3 months book once again as even after getting a fourth month downloaded it refuses to download anymore. Oh well !!!
I did the chores around 9am trying to give the temps time to rise a little . But with the thick cloud cover that wasn't happening today. Hopefully everything gets a drink before the water all refreezes.
Back inside I had my breakfast and devotions before starting the housework for the day. I cleaned the bathrooms and dusted the entire house. G-daughter woke up when I got in the living room and she watched me work in there.
Her uncle D came by to return the post hole diggers and renew his drivers license online and played with g-daughter for awhile to her enjoyment.
He had lunch with us and we had a very nice catching up visit.
G-daughter took a nap and I started on my decade picture search for the month this afternoon. As I walked back and forth by her I thought as I watched her snooze there is nothing more peaceful looking than a sleeping baby !!
I finished the decade search to mark one more thing off the to do list for this month. I am trying to get all the little things done so I can concentrate on tax time !!
D-in-love has a meeting this evening so the kids are both staying here while she is gone.
G-son did his homework and I proved to him that I do remember the answers to 3rd grade questions !!!
Time is flying by for this little girl as she passes the 5 month mark already !
#1 son came after the kids as he got home before d-in-love tonight.
As I did chores this evening the temp already was 22 degrees after a high today of 32, brrrr !!!
Another winter storm, Nacio, was named today bringing the longest coldest spell of the season so far this week.
After supper it was a two woodstove kind of night but after being a little chilled all day it felt good to put my feet up and enjoy the warmth of the fire as I sipped my warm cup of green tea. Nothing beats good ole wood heat !!!!

The first decade thing I found today was from February 1946 as my cousin Winnie ( who just recently passed away) was visiting in Oklahoma where my dad and my uncle lived at that time. She sent my grandfather this old post card.

Watched a UNC / Boston College basketball game tonight which UNC won barely.
Daughter's game for tonight got postponed until tomorrow night because of the snow in Jackson county.
Thankful tonight for the love and grace of my Heavenly Father and always grateful for the blessings of the day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Yesterday and today have been bitterly cold here. Temps only in the teens with below zero wind chills. Had a light dusting of snow again so I must shovel before I head out for Ash Wednesday services. Can't believe g-daughter is 5 months old already. She sure is growing. Have a Blessed Day.