Sunday, February 21, 2016


Put a big pot roast in the pressure cooker before church this morning.
The skies were getting cloudy when I arrived at church.
 Church was good today from 1 John 1-4.  We had 3 folks join our church this morning. Two by letter transfer and one middle aged mother to be Baptized, may all the glory be God's !
#1 son's family and Aa's family were our lunch guest today with roasted potatoes, green beans and corn to go with the pot roast.
The kids were all well behaved today and everyone had a nice visit. These two littlest ones got in some playtime .
And of course big brother got jealous !!!!
After everyone left I decided to work on getting another couple months of photo prints into an album.
I wish when the prints were made they would keep them in order but they don't so I have to use my photo list on the computer to get them in proper order which takes a lot longer.
I finished March and April before chore time this evening.
It was starting to sprinkle rain as I went out to feed the chickens and dogs but this is supposed to be very light compared to the heavy rains that are coming in the next couple days.
As I only had on a light jacket this evening in the low 60's temps I thought what a difference a week makes in this mountain weather.
The clouds hung dark and low all day in front of the storm front that is moving in late tomorrow.
I thought I was going to sneak by this head cold but tonight I'm not so sure as I have sneezed multiple times and have coughed until my throat is hurting tonight. 
Guess I'll hit the Nyquil again tonight and hope for a better day tomorrow.
Thanking God for all the blessings of this day .
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Glad you had some new members join your church. We had nice weather this weekend. Now it is getting cold again. I've been very lucky so far this year and haven't gotten sick -knock on wood. Hope you feel better soon. Blessings