Saturday, February 6, 2016


Up on a 23 degree morning breaking ice on the water buckets and getting things all fed before heading off to market.
Typically on this before super bowl Saturday I would be expecting a pretty good  day but with only a couple orders, 1 for 3 1/2 cakes and one for 1 cake I'm not expecting today to be much different from any other February Saturday.
After hubbie helped me get set up and we had our breakfast he went to g-son's basketball game at 11:00 this morning. Unfortunately they lost badly again and hubbie said they look worse now than they did earlier in the season.
While he was gone I started cleaning and re-arranging my tables. I have decided to give up two of the tables I have been renting from another market vendor who never comes to market. This will drop my monthly expenses $50 per month which will help the bottom line. I really don't need the tables and have rented them in the past just to have the extra space but I put all the craft items that were on those two tables on the one table that I had just supplies on.
I switched everything around to move my baked goods closer to daughter's tables so I could spread out on those as well. Daughter and I still have the use of 5 tables.
I worked all day at this change between the few customers that came by but didn't get the job finished. Pictures will come later once everything has a new place !!
Hubbie came back to market after the game and helped haul out the trash and move some heavier things around. He ran out and got us some lunch at Wendy's while I continued to work.
I had a decent sales day with the 2 orders I had thankfully.
Hubbie left to go to Sam's Club and I stopped by Aldi for some ingredients for a dip hubbie wants me to make for tomorrow evening.
We got home about the same time and hubbie helped get things unloaded and put away.
My legs were aching after standing on them all day working so I took a much needed break until choretime.
After a chilly choretime the fire in the woodstove felt really good but I resisted the urge to take a nap.
I am going to try to work into a new schedule this week with an earlier bedtime and then staying up after g-daughter gets here in the mornings to get back into my walking and exercise routines.
The weather for the coming days looks a little iffy at best !!
Tomorrow the mid and eastern parts of the state are expecting snowfall and then Monday there is predictions for snow fall here. This is a "flake-o-meter" that our local TV station uses.

Some of the coldest temps of the year are also predicted for the coming week.
Hubbie and I watched UNC loose a basketball game to Notre Dame tonight by playing lousy defense.
A day hemmed in prayer is a lot less likely to unravel !!! Always keep God in your thoughts and actions.
God Bless and Good Night.

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