Saturday, February 27, 2016


Thicker ice on the water pans this morning as winter is not letting go just yet.
Hubbie and I made it to market on time and found a customer waiting for a nice start to a pretty good sales day.
We got the manaquin hubbie made dressed with a new bonnet and apron set I made this week. Now I need a smaller one to display my smaller aprons and bonnets on to stand beside this one !!
 This new display is sure upping my bonnet sales as I sold two today and now need to cut out some more of each size and get them made !!
I had a decent sales day even with the cooler than expected day the weather wizards forecast. At least it was sunny.
Hubbie left soon after we got set up to go to g-son's basketball game at 10am. His team lost badly again today. Hubbie said there was no sign of the team that scored 26 points last week ?????
G-son is on the foul lane closest to the goal facing the camera in this pic d-in-love sent me.
Daughter got to go to this game and g-daughter was glad to see her aunt T.
Daughter came to market after the game and spent the day with me until after lunch.
I left market and stopped by Aldi to pick up another of the little microwave pots I got Thursday as I love these to cook eggs and oatmeal in for breakfast.
I also stopped in Belks for their 85% off sale. I found several things and got very good deals only spending about $40 for over $200 worth.
I ran into several old friends in there and spent a lot of time visiting as well as shopping.
I made it home at 4:30 just in time to get unloaded and get into a pick-up basketball game with g-son , #1 son and hubbie !!!  I think I will have some sore muscles tomorrow, haha , but it was fun !!
After chores and supper hubbie and I watched a UNC / Virginia basketball game which Virginia won. I usually pull for UNC but I also like Virginia as I love the clean respectful way they play the game so I wasn't disappointed either way today.
We vacuumed the floors and then spent the rest of the evening relaxing.
Thanking God for a blessing filled day and for the love He gives me each day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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