Friday, February 5, 2016


I felt very very fortunate this morning to wake up with power still on at our house. The wind blew terribly hard all last night knocking trees down on power lines all around. #2 son who lives just up the road lost his power about 11:00 last night and said they were supposed to have it back on around 11:00 this morning. Lucky for him the temps didn't get much below freezing, 27 degrees, but he said it was really cool in his house this morning getting ready for work.
This was one of the victims of the wind as this huge tree fell on this house ,luckily no one was injured.
As g-daughter got settled back down for a morning nap I headed outside to do the chores. Back to ice breaking duty this morning to get all the animals a drink.
After my breakfast I baked 3 caramel, 1 chocolate, 3 pound and an applesauce cake for market tomorrow. I don't have any super bowl party orders this year which is kind of strange.
After lunch with g-daughter having her cereal and a bottle before she went back down for another nap I worked more on shredding.
Hubbie came home at lunch today as he is super tired this week , he and I both have been fighting off colds and that is sapping a lot of energy.
He ate lunch then went to check all the bottom fences after the flooding.
It is a cold day only getting to just about 32 for the high of the day but the wind has died down thankfully and the sun is shining.
Daughter has a basketball game this afternoon so everyone is going since we haven't been able to attend many of her games this year.
They  were playing Brevard and as always daughter was walking the sidelines giving instructions the entire game.

Little EL enjoys the game and a cake pop from the concession stand at the same time.
This is baby BB's first basketball game and he looks like he is seriously following the action !!!
The gang !! AD (Josh's niece) in green, EL and G-son.
Josh's brother and his wife getting a baby fix with g-daughter.
 BB was more interested in my camera than the game at this point.
It was a good game and a good win for the home team !!
We all waited for daughter to come out of the dressing room to see the kids and then everyone slowly left after a really nice visit.
Hubbie and I came home at 5:30 to get the chores done.
As we watched the news tonight the "L" winter storm was named today as a low off the coast backed up and is dropping lots of snow along the northeast states.
 Unfortunately the varsity girls team didn't do as well as the JV and lost their game. Daughter is the first coach sitting on the bench. A photographer friend took this picture.

I iced the cakes tonight and got things ready for market then blogged. I need an early bedtime tonight to catch up on my rest.
Thankful for a very supportive family and for all the blessings that this day was blessed by God with.
God Bless and Good Night.

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