Thursday, February 18, 2016


Uh Oh !!!  When I woke up early this morning I knew that g-daughter had shared her cold with me, bless her little "pea pickin" heart !!!
She also came in all stuffy and nose running.  She went back to sleep in the swing as soon as she got here and I layed down hoping I would feel better after a few more minutes sleep.
My throat was hurting pretty badly after the cold air hit it while I was outside doing chores but after a hot cup of coffee with my egg at breakfast it felt better.
Even with both of us feeling under the weather the weekly errands and shopping had to be done so about mid morning we headed out. I found her this little pink coat to wear and she looked so grown up in it !!  Yes she is standing alone leaning on the couch !!!
We went to the bank and post office then shopped at Aldi and Ingles. She as always was a really good girl and had a smile for everyone that spoke to her even with her snotty nose and slobbery chin , haha.
We got everything done and got home for a late lunch. Then she zonked out for a long afternoon nap.
While she napped I worked on my blog book out in the sunroom.
D-in-love had a hair appointment right after school so she dropped g-son here to stay with g-daughter.
 She is always so glad to see him come through that door and hug her !!!  Guess who will have her cold next ????
 I can't believe how smilely she is knowing she doesn't feel well at all if she feels anything like I do with my burning nose and aching sinus.
She loves getting her Pawpaw's cap when he comes in from work !!!
After they left this evening I took a walk out in the nice warm mid 50's sunny afternoon. It seems "love is already in the air" for these Bluebirds who seemed to be house hunting and competing.

It was a beautiful day and just what I needed to make me feel better of my nasty head cold this evening.

These brave Daffodils have weathered  the snow, ice, freezing temps and all that mother nature has thrown at them and still are a very bright spot in my yard. I need to take a lesson from these delicate little flowers !!!!
Down in the bottom pasture I heard a commotion and saw this guy and another ground hog, which ran and hid when they saw me, enjoying the nice sunny afternoon. This guy didn't appear to be afraid of my presence at all and he was scarily big for a ground hog. Hope he stays in the lower pasture so he won't get the same treatment as the little racoon did earlier in the week !!!
I am a blessed lady with these two so close by and getting to watch them grow up.

I called d-in-love tonight and told her she may have to get inventive to get me awake in the morning as I am going to have to take a dose of Nyquil so I can sleep through the pain in my nose, throat and sinus tonight.
Thanking God for the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

So sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. Don't you just love it when others "share". Those are some great pictures you took. Yes, you are blessed to live so close to your grandchildren and can watch them grow. I am lucky if I see my grandson once a year. Have a great weekend and Blessings