Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I tried a new morning routine with g-daughter today. Since she hadn't eaten since 4:30 when her mom brought her at 7:00 I fixed her a bottle and we went back to my bed for a change.
She drank her bottle then went straight to sleep ,giving me hope of a new routine. Not so fast as just as I dozed off she woke up fussing and had to be moved back to her regular morning sleeping spot, the swing in the living room. Oh well at least the view out the bay window in here is great this time of morning.
I went out after daylight and did the chores. The morning is warm but the rain is still misting after some pretty hard overnight showers left 3/10ths inch in the gauge.
I spent a cloudy cool morning doing housework while g-daughter slept.
We both had lunch and then she watched from the middle of our bed, happily playing with her feet while I cleaned out closets.
January is usually my "deep cleaning" month but with full time baby sitting duties this year I decided to skip around and just do some "have to" things this year. Today finished that list for upstairs. There is sill some things I wanted to get done downstairs but that can wait.
February is "tax" month for me and I plan to get started with the shredding part of this tomorrow.
The day has been foggy and the sky is filled with thick dark clouds so the ground hog did not see his shadow today anywhere . Which means we could be in for an Early Spring !!! Thanks Grady !!!
Grady is the ground hog at Chimney Rock which is the closest predictor to our area.
The heavy rain hasn't gotten to our area yet or Grady would have gotten really wet on his romp around his pen .
Our are is in the moderate severe weather risk area so hopefully we won't have any damaging storms with the 3 inches of rain that is forecast.
Looks like a great day to stay inside and keep the woodstove fed.
With the dampness today I built a small fire downstairs at lunch time just to warm the house.
We have kept the fire going and with the 48 degree temp outside and rain at 9:00 it still feels good tonight.
Thankful for the blessings of this day. God is good all the time !!!
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Our Groundhog didn't see his shadow either. I am really excited about an early Spring as we had freezing rain yesterday and today has started out cold and foggy. Having coffee this morning with a friend so at least I can get out of the house. Blessings