Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Just as d-in-love left after dropping g-daughter this morning the rain started to pour down. A line of heavy rain stalled in our area for about 1 1/2 hours and dropped record breaking amounts of rain in some areas.
As the rains started I layed on the couch after getting g-daughter settled and dozed off for about an hour. I was awakened by my phone sounding warning signals as the warning of "get to higher ground now"  flooding had started quickly.
I looked out the window and our yard was a total pool of rushing water everywhere I looked.
 The creek was licking the bank tops already and the bottom pastures were quickly filling with flood waters. This picture was taken about 8:30 this morning.
I waited inside for the rain and wind to slack off before going out to do the morning chores. I figured the animals wouldn't mind staying in their warm dry houses a little longer this morning !!
Finally the rain slacked about 9:30 and I headed outside. The bottom pasture now looked like this.
When I looked at the rain gauge there was already 3" in there since last evening when I emptied it.
I spent the morning while g-daughter was napping starting my shredding of a years tax receipts making room for last years in my files.
After lunch the rain had slowed to a mist so we walked out to make some pictures of the now really high flood waters that appear to still be rising.

This is the worst flooding we have had since the new bridge and it does appear to be damming the flood waters.
We had our faithful companions to watch over us as we walked.

Back inside as I looked out the door there was water, water as far as you could see !!!
G-daughter has been eating cereal in the evenings for a couple weeks and today I tried giving her some at lunchtime and she loved it. Cereal mixed with squash taste so good !!!!

She took a really good afternoon nap after her big cereal lunch and a bottle giving me more shredding time.
I had to wake her up to get in the car seat to go pick up her brother at school. D-in-love has a class today from 2:30-4:30.
It was still raining lightly as I sat in the car rider line.
As we came back home I made this picture which is a very different scenario than usual when flooding occurs here. The new road keeps traffic high and dry after years of rescuing drivers from the flood waters that crossed the old road here.

These two watched Spongebob cartoons together for a while this afternoon.

We went outside in the 62 degree temps for a little while as g-son was amazed at all the water .

This guy is getting sooooo BIG !!!!!!
Yesterday when I was cleaning out closets I found this hip carrier and it works great for g-daughter and is so easy to get her in.
After d-in-love picked them up after her class hubbie and I did chores and watched the beautiful sunset to bring a really serene calm end to this hectic day.
After the sun went down the color reflecting in the clouds and in the remaining flood waters was so pretty.

The totals showed why the fire departments and rescue people stayed busy this morning as in the city of Hendersonville over 4 inches fell.  In our gauge a total of 3.2 inches fell since last evening. We are a little north east of the city.

Several roads washed out and the police stayed busy keeping motorist off  flood streets.

I closed the day out in my office doing weekly and month ending paperwork. Unfortunately for my business figures I am in the red to start out the year which is never a good way to start a new year .
It is only a couple dollars and I guess with the one missed snow Saturday I should be thankful it isn't much worse. It is always disappointing when I work hard and then actually loose money !!
Hoping February will be a better month. Looking back at last year I made money in January and lost money in February so maybe they will switch this year .
I am thankful to God that the flooding wasn't any worse than it was and I am very thankful that I am blessed with these grand kids.
God Bless and Good Night


linda m said...

I am so thankful to God that you are all okay. Flooding is so scary - I've been in a couple. I can't believe you got so much rain. Very cute pic of g-daughter eating her cereal and squash. I could just pick her up and kiss her. Blessings

M.E. Masterson said...

Wow...the power of water can be intense! Glad you had the grandkids to help take your mind off of things! They are adorable!