Sunday, February 7, 2016


Getting ready for church was an adventure this morning. As I got up I was met by hubbie who was wanting me to look on the internet at a video he saw at work this past week of cooking potatoes in the pressure cooker.
I looked and looked and couldn't find the video he was describing. Then all of a sudden he sat the peeled potatoes on the sink and said he had forgotten he had to get to church early this morning.
I just dumped the potatoes in the cooker and covered them with salted water and set the timer for 10 minutes. This is my first trial of my larger power pressure pot that I bought a couple weeks ago.
I also loaded my smaller pressure pot with carrots and turned it on.
I headed outside to hurry through the chores. It was 34 degrees but must have gotten colder earlier because there was ice on all the waterers.
I came back inside to a strange smell in the kitchen. It smelled like overheated wires . I loooked all around and decided it must be the new pressure cooker which had already finished the cooking process and was on the keep warm setting.
I thought maybe it was just the new smell burning off so I had a protein bar and running late carried my coffee around with me as I got ready for church.
Just before I left the smell was still hanging in the kitchen so I turned off and unplugged the pressure pot just to be safe.
Church was good today from Revelations 21.   A sad ending was when a friend of mine went up during invitation and announced she had been diagnosed this week with breast cancer.
After church I talked with Debbie and hopefully it is a small spot and she is seeing the surgeon Tuesday.
We had #1 son's family, Aa's family, daughter and Josh here for a lunch of Ham (which Re brought over), mashed potatoes,  green beans, corn, glazed carrots and biscuits with sweet tea to drink. Everyone had a very nice visit and then went on to other activities .
Hubbie and I went to Walgreens to pick up my picture prints I forgot to pick up yesterday and to pick up a prescription for daughter.
When we got back hubbie went to his monthly Deacon's meeting and I went over to Aa's to help him and Re get ready for BB's first birthday party. We are late with this party because of the snowstorm and sickness but he didn't know the difference.
It was a great celebration with family and BB enjoyed the attention and all the kids had a good time together.

We all enjoyed potato soup, chili, ham sandwiches , buffalo chicken dip,and chips for a really nice dinner.
The cakes Re made were so cute and delicious !!
BB looks puzzled as we sang Happy Birthday.
Fascinated by that lighted candle !!
He loved the icing and cake.

And the presents were fun for everyone as I found a couple hidden Christmas gifts for G-son and EL that I forgot to give them so I wrapped them up so they would both have something to unwrap.
BB loved this part ........
 Poppy (Aa's dad)  helps cut the tractors out of the packages.
Tissue paper was a fun thing !!!

It was a great birthday party then everyone gathered around the TV to watch Superbowl 50 which the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos played in.
Hubbie and I came home after the first quarter to do the evening chores by flashlight and watch the rest of the game here.
The air has that quiet, moisture laden feel to it tonight and I wonder if the predictions of snow for the counties north of us won't drift a bit southward and give us a snowy morning ??
Seems everyday now there is another winter storm named as today Mars formed as this clipper system grows bigger and the snow totals grow and the wind speeds increase..
Well the Denver Broncos are the super bowl champions this year as they defeated the Panthers 24-10 to the dismay of many fans in the area.
I don't watch much pro football but do pull for the Panthers as they are like a home team but I do like Peyton Manning the quarterback for  Denver so either way tonight was okay by me.
I can't imagine the money won on this game tonight to the few folks who bet on the Broncos. All the odds I saw had the Panthers winning the game.
Maybe Cam Newton should think about saluting the flag with his hand on his heart with the rest of his teammates next year !!!!  Just saying !!!!
Thanking God for a wonderful blessing filled Sunday and asking for His blessings on my friend Debbie as she goes into battle with this cancer.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

So I wasn't the only one who noticed Cam Newton's hands. I thought that was rather disrespectful of him. Such lovely pictures of the birthday party. Did you ever find out what the strange smell was in the kitchen. Sure hope it was just the "new smell" burning off. Blessings