Wednesday, February 24, 2016


After a pretty sleepless night I was glad to see daylight come this morning to look out and see how much damage there was from the extremely high winds and thunder and lightening that brought the pouring rain that kept me awake.
I took these pictures right after d-in-love left g-daughter at 7 this morning . Not near as much water as I expected !!!

 I moved g-daughter's swing back into the hall outside my bedroom door in case one of the big Oak trees blew over on the other end of the house. Thankfully that didn't happen and unbelievably we kept our power when all around us trees were blowing down and power poles were just breaking off with the high winds. Got this pic from the local TV station, g-daughter and I spent the day safe inside today.
 When I turned the weather on TV I saw a scary scenario shaping up for today as the winds were continuing to get stronger and the thunder storms kept rolling through our area with very heavy downpours of rain and tornado warnings were close to us.

  I got my sewing in this morning and made one full apron. By posting pics on here of my sewing projects it helps keep me in check and encourages me to get at least one item finish per day.
G-daughter evidently didn't like the new location of her swing and only cat napped this morning instead of her usual hours long morning sleep.
We had an early lunch and she is getting to the point of wanting to do things herself, like grabbing the spoon with a death grip that I have to pry loose finger by finger. She thinks it is very funny to get her carrots and cereal all over everything !!
She did take a pretty good afternoon nap while I worked some on hubbie's and my taxes. Seems I always run into a figure that I have to find so I didn't get very far today before I needed the mileage from hubbie's truck and he wasn't in it so I had to wait until he got home.
After d-in-love picked g-daughter up and headed home I got a quick nap before hubbie got in from work. I felt like I could have slept right through the evening and woke up tomorrow morning I was so tired. But no time for that much sleep !!!
I did chores and the wind was still scarily strong but we saw only a few limbs blown around the yard and all the chairs in the outside patio blown over so far .
The temperature is dropping like a rock this evening, from the low 60's of earlier today into the 40's by chore time.  There was another 1 & 3/10ths inch of rain in the gauge , bringing the total from this storm to close to 3 inches.
This is a picture from the high school looking toward our house this evening of a beautiful rainbow that ended the day.
I did weekly paperwork and then hubbie and I watched a basketball game between UNC / NC State which UNC won before calling it an early evening.
I am looking forward to a good quiet night hopefully .
God is so good and I thank Him so much for the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night.


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linda m said...

Just glad you are all okay. The winds we have been experiencing lately are horrible. A tree branch broke off and hit me in the head during my walk the other day. Haven't been on a walk since. Stay safe Blessings