Sunday, February 14, 2016


Woke to another cold morning and ice breaking 1-0-1 once a gain !!!
The clouds are hanging very low this morning and the air feels like a snow is coming.
I fixed a big pressure cooker full of beef stew this morning for lunch. Hubbie browned the meat  and we added potatoes, carrots, onions and celery with some beef stew seasoning. When I selected the stew setting the timer went to 1 hour. This is the longest I have ever pressured anything but this thing is supposed to know what it is doing so I trusted it and went on to church.
I took my secret sister a valentines gift today and picked up one for me from my ss. Love this chocolate and this little love block !! Thanks ss, whoever you are !!
The sermon today was from John 3-16 and was really good.  Then the pastor made a major announcement. He is taking a job with the NC Baptist Association as Minister of Missions and will be leaving our church in May. He has been our pastor for the last 25 years and it will be hard to replace him but God is at work. There was a stunned silence among the congregation as church ended.
We only had #1 son's family for lunch as #2 son took Tif out for a Valentines lunch , Re had to work last night so Aa had already fed the kids and had them down for naps , daughter and Josh were having a Valentine lunch at home and watching a UNC basketball game.
We also watched the game after our lunch of the delicious beef stew and cornbread. The beef stew was cooked perfectly in the pressure pot. UNC won the game against Pitt so all was well today !!
I gave all the kids Valentine gifts and included in g-sons was a set of "Jacks".  I used to play this game when I was young and I wanted to teach g-son . We played for a long time after lunch and he enjoyed it and got pretty good at it pretty fast !!
G-daughter loved watching us from her "saucer" !!!
Aa stopped by after he fed the cows this evening and took home EL and BB's gifts.
I had a very good Valentines day with the grands.
After they all left hubbie and I did the chores and relaxed for the evening to bring this perfect Sunday to an end.
No snow yet but these are definitely snow clouds that are filling the sky this evening.
It is cold here in the mountains of North Carolina and the signs at our house are significant as Hubbie has not only the rack filled with wood on the front porch but also a wheel barrow load ready to come
inside as needed.

Smoke coming from the chimney is a welcoming sight when we are out in the cold.

Every weather forecaster has a different opinion tonight on the time and what we will get from the next winter storm, Olympia, as she moves into the area over night and tomorrow.
Some say snow , some say ice and some even say the moisture won't get here until the warm temps arrive tomorrow and it will be all rain. Guess we will be surprised in the morning !!  The temperature tonight at 9:30 is 25 degrees so it won't rain tonight !!
I'll end this Valentines day post with the story of how this day became a day of "love".
God's love is always enough !!!
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Happy Valentines Day yo you and your family. Glad your beef stew in the pressure cooker worked out. Man, I haven't played "Jacks" in over 50 years. What a great gift. Keep warm and I hope you don't get much snow or any ice. Blessings