Wednesday, February 10, 2016


18 degrees as I looked at the thermometer by the front door as g-daughter came in. Nothing pressing on my list today so I put more wood in the upstairs woodstove and just relaxed and watched the flames as g-daughter slumbered in the nice warm room.
Chores were back to taking longer with all the extra water carrying. The waterers are all frozen solid on these really cold mornings so I have to beat out the ice and refill with water. On days like today that the temps is staying below freezing I usually take more water up around lunch time and repeat the process.
After breakfast I did weekly paperwork and made out a baking supplies list for Saturday. I also got all the paperwork shifted around in my office now I have things organized for tax time !!
Curiosity is a wonderful thing to watch !!!!

She was in such a good mood all day today.
We waited until after lunch in the warmest part of the day to make our errand trip to town. When the warmest part of the day is 29 degrees you dress like an Eskimo !!!
 My little Eskimo was smiling all the way today !!!
We went to the bank then to Aldi and Walmart. I had just gotten home and gotten things put away while g-daughter still snoozed when her mom came to pick her up.
After they left I worked on my blog book until choretime.
More water carrying and ice dumping so the animals could get one more drink before bed time.
After supper I blogged and worked some more on the blog book .
It is 24 degrees at 9:30 so the low will probably get to the mid teens again tonight and the wind is blowing making the chill factor below zero.
Got another jury duty summons today. This is my second summons since September, looks like out of all the folks in this county it wouldn't be necessary for me to be summoned twice in 5 months time.
Think I will call tomorrow and ask them how many times they have my name entered into their system ???
I found this old picture of me and my Teddy bear dated February 1956. I would have been about 19 months old.
Thankful to God for the blessings of this day . God is always good !
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

It's been very cold here also lately - high's only in the teens with minus zero wind chills. G-daughter looks so cute and so happy. It's been over sixteen hers since my grandson was that small. You are also very blessed to have your family living close by. Blessings