Sunday, January 31, 2016


This last day of January started out feeling like an early spring day with sun and temps in the low 40's by chore time.
I cooked a pan of mac and cheese in the oven and a pressure pot full of hot chicken wings before I left for church this morning.
Church was good from Romans today.
For lunch we had the hot wings which were very good and not too hot, mac and cheese, green beans and biscuits with #1 son's family as our only guest on this beautiful Sunday.
Daughter left after church to go hiking with Josh. They sent pics from a mountain top in Dupont forest. There was also a lot of snow still up there.

#1 son's family left as soon as we finished eating lunch to take g-son to the cub scouts bowling party.
He bowled for the first time and liked it.
I spent the afternoon working in the closet in my office . If there is a Beanie baby that daughter doesn't have stored in here they didn't make it !!!! When she was in her early teens she collected lots and lots of these little guys.

They have been stored in this closet which used to be her bedroom closet since then in these see through plastic containers.

Today I wanted to get as many of them as I could out of these containers to make more room on this shelf. After working for a couple hours I cleared just a bit of extra space by doing this but at least they won't fade in the see through containers any more.
I also went through some hanging things in there. I found out I can still wear the dress I got married in , it is just a little tight at the top !!!
Hubbie helped me put the new rolling shelf together to use in there so I can more easily access this entire closet. I am considering more moving around to free up some hanging space in here for some of my clothes.
It was chore time before I got around to these changes so they can wait for another day.
Just as I was finishing the chores #2 son came by for a visit and brought his tax papers so I can get started on "tax month".
The good news from him is that his neck is completely back to normal and he has no arm or neck pain any more even after shoveling a lot of snow last week.
As this month comes to an end it is hard to believe that 2016 is already 1/12th over. This month has seen pretty normal temperatures for January with a few very cold nights and then ended with above normal temps close to 60 during the day. We had our first flakes of snow on the 4th of the month but they were fleeting with no accumulation. Another light snow on the 17th  gave us a dusting on the grass and bushes but the roads were clear. Then on the 20th we had a surprise ground covering snow that passed quickly but caused schools to be released early before moving through the area. Unfortunately the roads got really slick quickly and caused several school bus accidents around the area, none of which injured anyone. Then on the 22nd we got the big snow as winter storm Jonas dropped almost 12 inches in our yard over Friday and Saturday. On Saturday the winds whipped the snow into almost blizzard like conditions but by Sunday things had cleared out and we had fun sledding in the deep snow. The schools were closed for 4 days, Friday thru Thursday because the roads were so bad.
Also this month brought g-son's first experience in a basketball game and he scored points and loves the game. Daughter's JV team has had a good season so far with a record of 11-5 but the varsity team has struggled.
A stomach virus struck g-son , d-in-love, Re, Aa and both their kids for several days  of down time in both families. Hubbie and I and #1 son were very fortunate not to catch the virus, thankfully.
This month began a 5 days a week babysitting duty time for me with little g-daughter when d-in-love's dad had to have his leg amputated and her mother has had to stay with him at the hospital.
Curb Market has been slow this month as usual with a couple okay Saturdays and one missed snowy Saturday.
Looks like February is coming in a little wet but with rain not snow and continues the roller coaster temperature ride that January started.

All in all this first month of 2016 has been a good month for the family as we take each day into stride and march on through the path that Jesus Christ is leading us down.
I am very very thankful for each and every day that God allows me to wake up in and strive in all that I do to glorify Him.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

You really warmed up nicely. We had rain here all day Sunday, with today's temp around 39. Then tonight the snow starts again - same storm that is hitting Iowa. Sure hope I don't have much to shovel before I go to Bible Study tomorrow. So happy to hear #2 son's neck is better. After all he went through, that is good news. Blessings