Sunday, January 24, 2016


Last night after hubbie was in bed and everything was quiet I stood in the living room and marveled as I looked out the big window at the serene beauty the glow of the  big "winter moon" made reflecting off the snow that covered the ground. It was magical and inspiring as I stood and gazed out at the almost daylight glow I could almost feel the calm that "God's snow blanket" gives the world. It's times like these that I marvel in disbelieve that some folks don't believe in our Great Creator !

A beautiful morning today with the sunshine glinting off all the snow.

No church today as the roads are still not scraped in our area.
The totals were tallied today and Jonas was a record setting snow storm for many areas.
Daughter got her drive way shoveled out today but the road in her development and the secondary road that goes by it are still very snow covered. Luckily there is no school tomorrow !
After chores and breakfast hubbie and I did some housework before lunch.
After lunch we headed over to Aa and Re's to snow sled with the kids awhile.
Hubbie and I needed some exercise so we walked over and g-son walked with us, although he took the more difficult paths  !!
Aa didn't feel well and watched out the window for awhile before it got the best of him and he joined the fun.

These two had a blast and loved sledding sooooo much it was so fun to watch them !!!!!!!!  The faster they went the bigger  the smiles !!!!

These two are still a bit over whelmed by all of this !!!!
Although with a little help from the bigger sledders they had fun too.

BB took some solo runs.

 But his favorite part was the ride back up the hill as he lay motionless on the sleds to be pulled, it was  hilarious !!!!!!!

This is soooo cute as g-son takes BB for a long ride !!!
The adults got in on the fun also !!!!

Even the "old" adults took a turn down the hill !!!!
What a fun time !!!!!!!!

These two rolled down the hill and both lost their hats at the same time, it was funny !!!

Precious families !!!!!

As we walked back across the road the ice was thawed some in this afternoon's mid 40's sunshine but I can't imagine how this is going to be when the temp gets back down to 22 tonight !!!

G-son ate pizza and wanted to make one one more batch of snow cream before all the snow melts.
This boy is just like his daddy when it comes to snow cream, he could eat a gallon of it !!!
#1 son and d-in-love went to the store and then brought makings for a chicken pot pie up to have while we watched the football games this afternoon.
It was yummy and the Panther's won the play-off game so it was a great evening !!!!
As this day ends I thank the Lord for a wonderful fun filled Sunday and am so humbly grateful for the blessing that He gives me each and every day.
Praying for safety for all who have to get out on the roads in the morning heading back to work.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

I could not think of a better way to spend a Sunday than with my family having fun. Stay safe. Blessings