Thursday, January 14, 2016

A 1956 "ME"

Back to the regular 7am schedule this morning as g-daughter arrived. After feeding her , stoking the fire and letting the dogs out I snuggled down on the couch to wait for warmer temps before getting out today.
The water pans had thinner layers of ice in the 26 degree morning today.
After chores and breakfast I waited for g-daughter to wake up for her next bottle then we headed out to grocery shop. It was in the mid 40's already this morning and felt nice in the bright sunshine.
G-daughter was a pretty grumpy shopper today until she went back to sleep to finish her morning's nap.
We made it to Aldi and Ingles (which she slept thru) and then home before she was hungry again.
We both had lunch and then it was playtime until mom picked her up for her check up and shots.
Feet make better playthings any time than all these hanging jingly things !!!!!

 Mom brought g-son who is still feeling weak home from school with her and he stayed with me while sister went to the doctor. We didn't want him exposed to anything else in the doctor's office while his resistance is down from the virus.
He did homework and ate everything in site until mom got back.
I worked on cleaning in my office more this afternoon. I need some more storage cabinets that I have ideas for.
G-daughter passed her exam in flying colors and weighs 14 lbs , which I would have guessed she weighed more than that !
We are still holding our breath that she doesn't get the virus brother and mom just had !!! (we are also hoping Neena doesn't get it ) !!!
The Sears repair man didn't show up this afternoon and I received no call or excuse for the no-show, grrrrrr !!!
After chores and supper hubbie and I rested this evening. He is always tired by the end of his 4- 10 hour day work week.
The predicted temperature for tonight is 31 and rain is moving in ????? Wonder what we will wake up to tomorrow ????
To continue the January decade pictures this is me in January of 1956. I look happy !!!!
Thanks Aunt Hattie for being a photo bug , RIP .
God is good all the time and He is always ready to bless each one of His children and all He ask in return is our love.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

That is such a cute picture of you in 1956. Happy to hear of g-daughter's good doctor report. We've had two days now of above freezing temps but are headed back into the deep freeze for this weekend. Just hoping we don't get snow to go along with the cold. Have a great weekend.